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365 Days Make Four Seasons

365 days make four seasons.

24 hours make a sleepless horizon.

60 minutes make an hour's cycle.

60 seconds make a show.

And what is it that you make?

Is it a circle? A repetition?

Something in the middle or you’re about to find out?

Searching for a pattern? Looking for a result? Or reaching for a star?

We all have the same opportunity to make a full circle,

even the moon gives us a chance as it transforms inside out.

The full doesn’t lack anything; we are such fools for food.

A circle is infinite until its cracks show, turning again finite.

And a full circle tends to be complete, how ironic does that seem.

When you go back in time, not like in the movies, but in real time, you can spot memories that let you travel to what it was, and memory lane starts. A thought takes you to live it again; this is not quantum mechanics, just your head. The world doesn’t know what happens inside you, you just found a pattern, maybe you’re turning the page or you are stuck again.

I dislike the phrase “the human is the only one that fails and falls two times with the same stone” maybe I tropicalized it, but for me it is the meaning “you will fail again and again can be the same thing/situation all over again” until it becomes a point you no longer care, or it’s your survival form spirit trying to run again. Falling twice with the same mistake is like seeing the vicious circle happen in front of your eyes all over again.

People fall more than one time, even when they see it, do they really see it? How can we be so focused and distracted at the same time, a lot of things are going on in our lives.

You are finding the pattern, seeing the same events, and years later for the first time you just seem like a spectator, not a fan. I am wondering if I am on a soap opera and people will start singing or making jokes? NO is the striking answer, its reality and it sucks.

Looking back, it wasn’t that bad the first time and you had an unexpected support. You made it through. You survived. Will this time be the same? Experience is a master in disguise. I’d like to think that we learn, at least a bit each time. Sometimes with knockouts. Sometimes with feathers. I wish I could choose, not even the outcome, but just more of the options.

The mistake in the box ring can cost a life, but a mistake in real life just causes stress and people go mad. How can a human handle hot boiling water and take it with the hand? Sometimes it looks courageous and other times stupid, but don’t judge. Sometimes a decision was made in a split of a second.

You earn a few hits on the way like a tennis racket aiming a fire ball or punching a bag of steel going back to your face. Pushing and turning, is it a point in life? Years have gone by, and the cycle that seemed finished continues to repeat itself in a different way. Sometimes a cycle goes on and on and life happens. Is a cycle that apparently looks closed but happens again and again not closed?

Full circle, full moon, full belly, fools you.

We live trying to fulfill our lives; each one has its own definition and owes it to themselves. I cannot explain what is full and what is a circle, maybe I need to go back to school? No school is needed as my school is life, its reality, its senses, its incompetent, its shield, its bone, its rainbow, it is you and it is me.

The life provides a lot of turns, sometimes you go left or you go right.

Sometimes you are up on the cusp and other times are so low that the ants are bigger than you. You can spin and spin and never stop until life grabs you by the hand and makes you stop. You look behind, trying to understand, and are looking for the answer. Suddenly you become blind.

Maybe you remembered, maybe you’re having deja vu, maybe you are making excuses or maybe is only maybe and this moment is a moment. You go back on a chapter in your life and find meaning, you see what in that moment was invisible to your eye and heart.

And you realize it wasn’t that bad. You learned and now you are going out with a smile, showing to those ones that you made it through the ride. Which stop is next? You are to make or decide. Looking forward what is next, an adventure you won’t forget, the feeling of what made you take, make and live?

People like routines, traditions and repetitions; they are so ironic for people who like change. But you can have both worlds, as it happens in your day to day routine. Maybe we like routine because it takes time and pressure out. When we decide over things we know, our minds shut up. Leaving some space for the mind to wonder, we can focus over unknown decisions to be made. Maybe it is your mind deciding another path and closing a cycle? Once and for all or until next time my love.

Written with love by Taly Kisel.

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