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February 4, 2015


Hello darling! 


I'm Zo, Founder of School of Shine. That's me to your left, smiling (pre-coffee!) because today I accomplish a long awaited goal- opening the virtual doors of School of Shine and letting the wide world of women (+men, you're welcome too], peruse the halls of this new school of thought. 


To me, School of Shine is oh so many things, but most of all, it's a place for every woman to find her strength as a woman. It all started when I moved from New Jersey to Tel Aviv, ie across the world by myself . I found myself crying ALL the time - at the bank, on the bus, on random street corners. I realized that something needed to change, and well, that something was me. I was the only one responsible for making it happen. 

I began researching the science of happiness, positive psychology, and becoming more aware of the connection between our mind, body, heart, soul and spirit. 

Inspired by the amazing women who are part of my life near and far, I listened closely to every woman's daily struggle. With the excessive amount of LIFE we deal with everyday - from beauty and boys to business and balance, I realized the one thing we all have in common. No matter who we are, where we grew up, and what we're doing now, what bonds us all is that no woman feels good enough.


And I had enough. 

School of Shine is a movement for women by women - to start making the change within yourself, so that together, we can create a better world for ourselves, our children, our communities, and our world.

I know. It's easier said than done, and every day is a new challenge; however, School of Shine is your daily reminder to focus on what matters - and that's YOU.

So women of the world - join me on the journey to learn yourself, love yourself, laugh through life, and lighten up daily. Join in on the fun @schoolofshine. 

With that said, and the site's time to celebrate! Cheers :) 

With Love & Shine,


P.S. Have an idea? Need to chat? Want to collaborate? Ask us anything! >




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