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 <<<  Hello darling!  >>>

Welcome to our virtual hallways!! We hope you take time to explore this space

and get inspired, motivated and activated to explore your self too!  


<<<  about us   >>>

School of Shine is a lifestyle lab producing brave, educational content + experiences
designed for [ and by ] humans who are tired of default life,
and dare to ignite bold self expression,
expand their creative minds

and awaken their sense of power

in an era where we crave personal freedom,

true connection and greater sense of purpose. 


Everyone has a brave space inside. Ignite your power, spark your mind and explore your truest sense of self through badass creative content and energizing experiences.

what's a lifestyle lab?

We've all spent our lives layered in our given identities. Here, we create space to unpeel those layers, break free from what no longer serves us, and invite an attitude of learning, play and experimentation in our daily lives.  By living with this sense of curiosity, it creates space to become, expand and grow into just who you're meant to be. 


 enhance your feminine impact 


what we do

We offer creative tools, positive guidance and exploratory events to activate self leadership, empower brave expression and motivate inspired action.

We educate. We express. We empower. We energize. 









why we do

  <<<  why join?  >>> 

You are enough.  

You are worthy. 

You are valuable. 

And you deserve to live a life aligned to your gifts,

your dreams, and your fullest potential. 

It starts with your voice - and having

the clarity, confidence, and courage to use it. 

We need your voice now more than ever. 

Join us and let's rise together.

<<<   our services   >>>


We host circles and empower women around the world to host their own circles. 

By gathering in circle, we hold space to express authentically, show up fully, and embody the wild and wise woman we know we are. 

Our circles focus on important themes for meaningful living, such as:

Values, Leadership, Power, Ritual, Activism, Balance, Sex, Pleasure, Celebration, and more. 


We host courses and online programs to support individual growth processes through community support. 

Our flagship course is an 8-week program to empower your voice and is based on 7 principles of feminine leadership. If you seek more clarity, confidence and courage on the daily, this one's for you. 


Our next live course begins Spring 2021. Applications are open.


Learn more by visiting The Shine Collective to apply now.


1 ON 1

In today's crazy world, connection, communication, and community are more needed than ever. 

As work becomes more remote and teams more disconnected, let us design a meaningful team bonding experience to get your team on the same page, personally, professionally and purposefully. 

As us about our tailormade experiences for your team or organization. 

There is one thing that all human beings share - we all need to feel seen, heard, and felt. And we're all dealing with some kind of fear. 

Enter The Glow Up, a 45-minute dose of clarity and guidance to face your fear, determine the next right steps, and be accountable to take them.


If you're ready to face your fears head on, stop holding yourself back, and start doing the courageous work to live your dreams, schedule a consult and let's see if The Glow Up is for you. 

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