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Nefesh B'Nefesh Awards School of Shine Founder Bonei Zion Prize

We are proud to present the recipients of the 2020 Sylvan Adams Nefesh B’Nefesh Bonei Zion Prize. The award recognizes outstanding Anglo Olim – veteran and recent – who embody the spirit of modern-day Zionism by contributing in a significant way to the State of Israel.

Conversations That Don't Suck: Podcast with Kyla Sokoll Ward

In this episode, I'm chatting with Zo Flamenbaum, creator of School of Shine. We discuss: How Zo created School of Shine out of loneliness and a desire for deeper connection, the toxicity of feeling “not enough” as a human being and more... 

Citizen Cafe Features Zo Flamenbaum: I AM TEL AVIV

Meet Zo Flamenbaum, the founder of School of Shine – a community for women in Tel Aviv and around the world. They offer self-empowerment tools, exploratory events, and fun opportunities to nourish health and happiness.

The Only Way is Up: Podcast with Rebecca Pash

Zo began working for the ice cream man when she was nine years old, and has continued to explore various ways to deliver happiness. After studying Business Management along the New Jersey shores, she moved to her land of opportunity, Tel Aviv in 2010. 

i24 News Plays Truth or Shine

Hosting Zo Flamenbaum, founder of School of Shine and creator of the Souls Sisters Community Fair. SOS aims to increase self awareness, self appreciation, and inspire action to create healthier habits for a happier life. "Live Happily Ever After Now"

Community, Connection + Deep Conversation with Citizen Cafe TLV

Host Josh Hoffman and Zo cover a lot in this episode, including:

  • What it means to be a “hippie entrepreneur”

  • Her up’s and down’s of living in Tel Aviv since 2010

  • Career advice for being successful in Tel Aviv

  • How Tel Aviv compares to New York City

Who What Wix : From Beliefs to Business

On Episode 6, we talk to Zo Flamenbaum, the founder of School of Shine, an online community for women that’s based on her core values: positivity, creativity, and empowerment. We talk all about how to start a business — where all you need is you.

Happily Ever Now: A Conversation With School of Shine Founder

With it’s catchy tagline “Happily Ever Now,” School of Shine is grabbing the attention of women of all ages and backgrounds.  Known for it’s creative events & fun opportunities to create happier days, I was intrigued to find out what all the talk was about.  

Top 10 Happiest Spots in Tel Aviv

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by life’s daily to dos, especially in non-stop Tel Aviv. Humans worldwide are plagued with a lack of appreciation for the present moment, otherwise known as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Tel Aviv, a city bubbling with countless opportunities to create moments of happiness, gratitude and laughter, lies in the heart of Israel, which is ranked as the 11th happiest country worldwide. Visit any one of these ten Tel Aviv happy spots to start enjoying life right now.

Because the opportunity to join a way to peacefully connect with the world is amazing - and because I support and strongly believe in the need for humans to connect eye to eye to create a stronger and better humanity for us all!


It wasn’t until her arrival to America and seeing the ‘Welcome to the United States of America’ sign, that she knew she needed to get back to Tel Aviv, not only for the bustling energy and beautiful beaches, but for the big opportunities Israel offers.

Women Empowerment Events Not To Be Missed

Have you ever wondered if there is a school where attending isn’t being a hassle but is actually a pleasure? As a ‘student‘ of Tel Aviv headquartered School of Shine, I am happy to inform you that yes, there is such a school out there. Of course, all these school concepts are pure semantics and School of Shine stands for a positive community for women who aspire to learn, laugh and lead. 

Shine On Your Community

Zo Flamenbaum seemed to have everything – great friends, a good job, a lovely apartment in Tel Aviv – so when she found herself constantly struggling with dark moods and even breaking into tears in public, she knew her life needed a face lift.

Best Place to Meet People in Tel Aviv

Did you know there are loads of great English-speaking (and non-English speaking) groups in Tel Aviv? Here are some of our favourites: School of Shine is a women’s community dedicated to inspiring happiness from within...

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what women say

SOS has become my daily dose of inspiration. Everyday, SOS's positive energy shows me that I have reason to take action to live #happilyevernow and that I can live on the brighter side today. Thank you SOS! XOXO

Julie S.

New York

I love that School of Shine is a safe place to meet new people and have meaningful conversations with women who are thoughtful, interesting, and kind.

Sara K.

Tel Aviv

Being just a bit older than the average attendee, SOS provides an opportunity to share some of my learnings in life. I see it like a greenhouse where women can support each other and thrive. The energy and the goodwill are inspiring and motivating and its great to watch everyone grow.

Paula N.

New York

SOS is an amazing organisation that makes women feel united by our shared feelings of being a woman in our society, our struggles, our hopes our failures etc. It's a great support system for people who might not have family or friends close, and a way to meet new, special women from all over the world that otherwise I would never have had the opportunity to meet.

Lauren N.


Soul Sisters Festival was amazing. The best part was looking around and seeing that everyone there wanted to be there and we are part of a community that believes in love and truth and change.

Danielle C.

Tel Aviv

My name is Allyson Eames, I am a volunteer in the Peace Corps, living in Paraguay... When I am feeling in the need of some motivation or a little lift me up, I always look to your page on my instagram for some good energy and some positive vibes. I noticed that you held an amazing workshop for women & wellness to celebrate international women's day. I believe that starting some woman positive, self-love, awareness, and overall wellness activities here in Paraguay would be a beautiful thing to bring to my community here...I hope your inboxes aren't too full of requests of these sorts!!! Continue to spread your light and positive energy.... many of us are receiving your beautiful messages!!

Allyson E.


I have to share this with you: just walked into aroma to get a sandwich and the lady said I am "maksima" I asked her what she meant and she said I brought positive energy with me into the store :)

Liat K.

Tel Aviv

Thank you for putting this together! I have looked so long for a place in Tel Aviv to meet other women like me so I am really grateful for the School of Shine.

Yael S.

Tel Aviv

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