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 workshops + playshops 

 experiences designed for personal + collective growth 

our mission

We empower women to live lives
with clarity, confidence, and courage. 

We design and facilitate interactive workshops and playshops to cultivate self-leadership, empower self-expression, and inspire positive action.

We create safe and brave spaces for women
to be seen, heard, and take up space. 
To tune into their natural powers 
and lead the way forward
with value, vision and voice. 
To experience, embody and practice
courage, intuition and collaboration. 
Our experiences are tailormade with love and intention, hosting audiences of all kinds, empowering the voices of women worldwide. 

  because personal empowerment 

  breeds collective healing  

   our experiences are designed to  




Leading with value, intuition and light, the feminine is rising. We believe in collaboration and support each woman towards fulfilling her dream. Together, we rise. 




True leadership is encompassed when we practice, not preach. First, we must learn to walk the walk, then we learn how to share the talk. Embodiment is learned from experience. 




Creation is our birthright. Whether it's business or families, circles or experiences, the creative process is unique to each, and the source of our natural gifts. With conscious process comes creative action. 


self expression

+ storytelling

Our voice is our superpower. How we communicate with ourselves is how we build our reality, and how we interact with the world. The more conscious we are of our language, the more power we have to write, share and express our own stories.

our workshop menu

the feminine leadership


mind body


free your creative flow







Group Stretching

the feminine leadership framework

Tap into your feminine values and learn how to leverage your natural qualities to become a more effective, intuitive leader, personally and professionally.  

While many leadership models exist, research shows that the most transformational kind of leaders lead with feminine qualities. In a world powered by the masculine mindset, it’s crucial for women to be aware of this information, feel empowered by it, and recognize how to leverage it in order to reach their fullest potential. 


The Feminine Leadership Framework is a three-hour interactive experience for women, offering a fun and powerful learning environment to explore the concept of leadership, redefine it, and create space for each woman to refine how she practices, processes and integrates leadership into her personal and professional life. 


Our workshop includes a series of creative techniques blending movement, writing, meditation, partner work and group dialogue. The experience aims to empower each woman to connect with her inner leader, increase her confidence, and motivate her to take inspired action. 


Dependent on final audience and goals, this workshop can be tailormade for your audience. 

Interested in hosting this workshop for your group or team? Get in touch


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Explore, identify and practice leadership ideals, concepts and actions centered on an emerging feminine leadership framework, in order to recognize how to leverage natural strengths to make positive social impact. 


Empower individuals to connect with their inner belief systems, strengthening emotional intelligence, and creating clarity and confidence for effective decision making and increased resilience. 


Provide a practical toolbox for guests to live with more balance, less stress, and lead by example with integrity and ease.

things we cover

  • Emerging Leadership Ideals

  • Power of Feminine Impact

  • The Identity Factor

  • Determining Vision, Values + Voice

  • Energy/Stress Management

  • Putting it into Action

Anchor 1

mind body balance

Creative mindfulness and emotional intelligence techniques to bridge the mind-body gap and help restore a sense of balance into your daily life


In our fast paced world only moving faster each day, responsibility is inevitable, and so is the need to rest.


The key comes when we are able to better manage our responsibilities in a more relaxed manner. Our energy management workshop explores practical ways to be a better "adult," offering simple solutions to "relax into the chaos" while also creating a structured framework to explore your daily routine and responsibility, and how to create more time and space in your schedule to design a life you love daily. 

Using writing, movement and dialogue exercises, we will play with the current state of mind-body balance with the aim of creating more harmony, ease, and relaxation both within your internal system and within your daily schedule. 

Interested in hosting this workshop for your group or team? Get in touch


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Increase productivity, focus, and creativity, to invite healthier decision making process, and cultivate a deeper sense of clarity within your relationship with self and others.

Decrease stress and tension and create more ease every day, and restore a sense of balance between mind and body.   

Provide practical action plan to implement immediately to create a sense of ease within your daily schedule. 

things we cover

  • Energy Awareness + Investment

  • The 5 Levels of Energy

  • Cracking Your Cycles 

  • 6 Simple Strategies to Shift Energy

  • Creating the Action Plan

Anchor 2


Creative blocks are a myth. Turn inward to center and be amazed at what flows out. tap into your process with a purpose, personally and professionally.  


Creative blocks are a myth. For creative to feel blocked simply means it's time to explore new creative processes. Freeing Your Creative Flow offers any creatives in specific routines or patterns to invite new ideas and expand their creative minds.


In this workshop, we explore the power of the creative process, tapping into natural ways to leverage our minds, bodies, and environments to showcase how creativity is always waiting to be tapped into. 

We will use various creative concepts and our five senses to deeply experience the creative process and go on creative missions. In this 2-3 hour workshop, we will offer tools, and opportunity to use them in order to expand our minds, enhance our ideas of creativity, and invite new perspectives into our

creative approach.  

Perfect for the professional creative working in the office. 

Interested in hosting this workshop for your group or team? Get in touch


>>> +972 54 615 4315


  1. Explore the nonlinear creative process, inspire new perspectives and empower individuals and team to think differently about creativity 

  2. Offer a practical toolbox for any creative to break through and better manage creative blocks

  3. Improves internal communication, tea process and productivity. 

things we cover

  • Playing with the Creative Process

  • Utilizing Body Awareness to battle creative blocks

  • Strategic Creativity

  • Leaving the Comfort Zone

  • Crossing the Lines

Anchor 3

voice your vagina

Ignite a new healthy relationship with your body, specifically your vagina. Learn how to listen and leverage the power of your womanhood to make her work for you.

  1. Ignite a healthy relationship with the most powerful part of your body

  2. Invite new perspective for women to get in touch with their feminine wisdom, learn how to manage boundaries, what you want, and blossom within your sexuality. 

  3. Walk away more connected, more aligned, and more empowered with tools to get to know yourself, and tap in to your womanly superpowers.  


As girls we often grow up disconnected from our most powerful body part. Not only disconnected, we also often encounter shame, embarrassment and trauma with our vagina. In fact, if you find yourself even cringing as your read the word vagina, this workshop is for you. 

In this space, we will work to connect, rebuild and listen in to one of the most powerful energy channels in our body. tapping in o our intuition, creativity, and natural feminine intelligence, we will do a series of various creative exercises to re-ignite our relationship with our V's - and giving her a voice throughout the process. 

Through writing, movement, meditation and dialogue, we will explore our relationship with our most private parts, understand our past so we can better our future. 

Interested in hosting this workshop for your group or team? Get in touch


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things we cover

  • Igniting a new relationship with your most powerful body channels

  • Learning to process emotions and manage mean girl inner dialogue

  • Tapping in to your creative power

  • Practicing Intuitive Decision Making

  • Expressing and embodiment exercises

Anchor 4

designing transformational experiences

// for facilitators + teachers



things we cover

  • The Art of Facilitation

  • How to Build a Valuable Workshop/Experience

  • Using Ceremony to Create Safe Space

  • Event Production and Experience Design Tools
  • Reading Room Energy + Dynamic Flow

  • The After: Building and Maintaining Community

  • Self Preparation Best Practices


It's one thing to want to share your wisdom, and it's another thing to embody it, teach it, and pass on its practical value. In a world full of students, our teachers are the most important relationship we have. 

What does it take to be a good teacher? Becoming a facilitator, one who facilitates change and encourages growth. The main challenge is, that there are minimal resources available today, and many of them do not provide as much value as experience does. 

After 5 years of experience, experimentation, and exploring, there are specific methods we can use to design transformational experiences. In this workshop, I share ten tools to create a powerful framework to facilitate. Create a more solid program and teaching capacity - to create more value for their students, and so for our world. 

For anyone who wants to learn simple and solid facilitation strategies to create transformational experiences, this is your program. 

Interested in hosting this workshop for your group or team? Get in touch


>>> +972 54 615 4315


Empower our generation of facilitators, creatives and teachers to confidently create value for their communities. 

Share practical tools to produce, market and promote an event, ensuring that your circle is filled every time. 

Create space to embody, experiment and explore in a safe space with other community leaders, teachers and facilitators. 

Anchor 5

ask us about our other

tailormade experiences


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meet your mentor

Zo Flamenbaum started working for the ice cream man when she was nine years old, and ever since, has made it the central mission of her career to explore various ways to deliver happiness. 


After graduating from Monmouth University with a Business Management degree, Zo moved to Tel Aviv in 2010, and began working in digital marketing. She realized that writing was her passion, and has since worked as an independent journalist, social media + marketing strategist, community builder, and content creator for initiatives dedicated to social impact.  

In 2014, Zo founded School of Shine, a value-based educational platform to cultivate wellbeing through self expression, leadership development and inspired action.Through SOS, Zo has produced, facilitated and collaborated on hundreds of events, from large-scale community festivals to international women's retreats to intimate wellbeing workshops. 


She believes in the power of words, mindful movement and deep intention - and loves designing expansive experiences for brave and curious souls who are tired of 'default life' and crave personal freedom through self exploration for more purposeful living.


It takes just one voice to make an impact, and  Zo believes that the more women feel comfortable in their skin and confident in their voice, the more active female leaders will be emboldened to take action for good. 


“I've participated in two writing workshops with Zo and she is an amazing facilitator. Not only did she encourage us to explore ourselves, but she discovered how to nurture our creativity and confidence. I recommend a School of Shine workshop to any woman of any age who has an interest in self-expression and a willingness to try something new!”


I absolutely loved the writing workshop with Zo. I arrived in a bit of a harried funk from a chaotic day in Tel Aviv, and left the workshop feeling centered, aligned, and with a noticeable creative buzz. Zo creates a safe, cozy, serene space for you to free whatever is asking to flow. Her fun and interesting exercises revealed to me new avenues of my personality, and writing, and gave me areas to further explore if I so choose. I learned both from the words that came out of me, and also the words that came out of the other amazing women who participated and shared. The workshop is perfect for writers and non-writers alike, for anyone seeking more clarity in their life and a creative outlet for expression. I can't wait for her next workshop!


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