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sept 5-7

northern israel

about the in.side

As summer melts into fall, 20 women

will retreat into nature, stay on a gorgeous farm, hugged by our natural elements. 

Together, we will

explore, learn and practice

The IN.SIDE pillars of 

sacred expression,

self leadership and

feminine impact.

As the seasons change, so do we.

Together, we will honor the shift to turn inside,

nurture our cycle of life and ground into the next powerful phase - on a mission to fulfill our personal visions, while also imagining

our collective dream for 2020.


what to expect

what to expect

our team has crafted the IN.SIDE Experience with these intentions

basic circle inside retreat.JPG
basic circle inside retreat.JPG

awaken your power

explore your voice

Develop your personal power as a leader, whether it be in your life, family, business or community. 


Feel empowered and energized to take intentional action to design your world, through learning feminine leadership styles + skills, design thinking, Kabbalistic coaching techniques, and exploring leading Jewish women of valor - and how we can relate today.

What's your story, and how do you want to share it?


Play with fun and effective ways to unlock the potential of your true voice, stepping away from daily distraction and exploring a spectrum of creative methods to tune in to brave and authentic self expression, so that you can align your voice, values and vision and determine how to share it with the world. 

basic circle inside retreat.JPG

refine your balance

Take a pause from default life to spend time in glorious nature and refresh your self, in mind, body and spirit.


Acknowledge, align and understand your current needs, challenges and desires, and walk away with a toolbox of holistic practices to support living with more balance, and get through the day to day hustle with more grace, calm and ease.

basic circle inside retreat.JPG

trust your self

Settle into your senses, connect with your intuition, embrace your fears, and step into your power with increased awareness, confidence and inner strength, to guide your decision-making capacity and take the next steps towards fulfilling your vision. 

We will work with healing our gut, heart and throat body centers to move forward with conscious courage. 

basic circle inside retreat.JPG

join the collective

Imagine strengthening our individual power by combining our collective power.


Imagine using your voice to belong to a story of many.


Imagine creating one collective vision that supports your personal vision. 


The In.Side is a fresh collective of creative, power women who are willing to do the work, take action, dream big, support each other,

and shift the paradigm of feminine leadership for the greater good. 

We have the power to create a shift in our world. Our weekend is only the start of a new network of women, who are creating the change and community we want to be and see.

We are all born creators. 

We are all born leaders. 

We are all born lights. 

it starts inside.JPG
basic circle inside retreat.JPG
basic circle inside retreat.JPG
basic circle inside retreat.JPG
basic circle inside retreat.JPG

Take a brave and curious leap forward to unapologetically meet the many layers of your self. Mind body heart and spirit included.

Explore the power of your internal world and how it impacts your external environment, and find better balance while playing with the space between.

Speak up, stand up, and share your voice, your story, and your vision. 

Take action to grow yourself, live your values and lead by example, so that collectively, we can grow together. 

Lead the way forward to activate a new wave of positive impact in our world, whether it be in your own life, family, business or community. 

this is for

the women

who are

ready to

Take a brave, curious and creative leap inside and unapologetically meet the many layers of your self. Mind body heart and spirit included.

Walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Take action to be seen, heard, take up space and be witnessed in the company of other like-minded women.

Explore the power of your internal world and how it impacts your external environment, and find better balance while playing with the space between.

Speak up, stand up, and step up to share your voice, your story, and your vision. Because the world needs to hear it.

Invest time and space to grow yourself, live your values and lead by example, so that collectively, we can grow together. 

Lead the way forward to activate a new wave of positive impact in our world, whether it be in your own life, family, business or community. 

ready for the next step, queen?

who is this for
cost +details


     what's included

The IN.SIDE Experience is a total cost of NIS 777.

Our all-inclusive weekend takes place during Sept 5 - 7 and includes: 

  • A comfortable bed just one wall away from stunning nature on a gorgeous and serene mountain, farm and vineyard  

  • Fresh + delicious vegetarian meals from Thursday to Saturday

  • A schedule full of workshops, playshops, rituals and space to explore 

  • A transformative, expansive and collective experience 

  • Nourishing treats and other fun surprises

The IN.SIDE Experience is co-created by three experienced facilitators (meet us here) who believe in the power of voice, value and vision - and are re-imagining how to ignite the harmony between our internal and external universes. We believe it all starts IN.SIDE. 

Together, we have built a framework intended to elevate women and learn how to leverage our natural powers of feminine leadership, individually and collectively.  We are excited to host The IN.SIDE as an intentional space to explore sacred expression, self-leadership and feminine impact.   

We will guide you through a dynamic experience blending our wisdom, and using creative and practical elements from the worlds of: business + life coaching, design thinking, Kabbalah, Jewish text and rituals, vocal expression, intuitive writing + movement, yoga, meditation, and oh so much more. 

This grassroots retreat initiative is made possible thanks to the generosity of Moishe House and Retreatology, and with the kind support of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation Grassroots Events Program. 

The retreat is Shabbat friendly, vegetarian, and for women only. There will be an option if you need (low cost) transportation to and from Tel Aviv. 

If there is still space remaining, the cost will go up to NIS 888 on August 8.

Are you feeling the call to step IN.SIDE?

Thanks + love to our sponsors!

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our values

our values

we aspire to practice, live and lead with our shared desires to:

be brave

Embrace your fears, follow your curiosities and find courage and comfort in the unknown. 

Bravery is where

fear is conquered.  

be free

Allow yourself the space to play with your personal freedom - to say yes to your self, and be exactly who you are, as you are.


Freedom is where

souls grow. 

be kind

Create an energy of open and unconditional kindness, towards one another, towards yourself and with respect to our environment.

Kindness is where

hearts open.

be present

Step away from the past and future, and find yourself in the gift of here and now. 


Presence is where

power rests.  

Meet our TEAM

we dedicate our lives to facilitating women's growth processes. 

Hillit Hermon.JPG

Hillit S. Hermon

Business + Kabbalah Coach

Born in Tel Aviv and raised in London, Hillit’s international upbringing led her to a wonderfully wide exposure of people and cultures. Today, Hillit works for her own company, Heal-It, as a trained life and business coach.

Using principles from both coaching and Kabbalah to provide clarity, focus and guidance, Hillit accompanies people through times of transition to create their most accurate path forward. By merging coaching tools with the incredible knowledge and power of Kabbalah and Judaism, she creates space for individuals to strengthen their inner world and tune in to their source - true, abundant self.

Hillit has spent the past 20 years diving into the wisdom of Kabbalah, in addition to studying Hinduism and Buddhism. She incorporates the universal perspective, as well as the roots of Judaism into empowering, healing and guiding workshops. 

Hillit is a graduate of the London School of Economics & Political Science with a BSc. in Management and Psychology, and an MSc. in International Relations and Conflict Resolution. She's also a gorgeous artist, and has been featured in exhibits across Israel. 

Hillit will lead sessions like:

The Power of Words

Coaching + Kabbalah

There is an I in Identity

Mystic Meditation + Storytelling Circle


Lola (Leora) Kreisman

Yoga + Vocal Coach

Lola has been in pursuit of self-exploration, spirituality and creative expression since she was a little girl. 


She studied voice for many years, refining her craft of singing, songwriting, performing, and the methodology of teaching voice, at the prestigious Rimon School of Music. She has since performed all over Israel with her original music. In addition to her love of music, Lola fell in love with yoga over 8 years ago, and has since gone on to complete her YTT in the summer of 2015 at Sonic Yoga studios in New York City. Lola is also a certified Theta Healer. 


Today, Lola is a singer, songwriter and vocal coach, who also teaches yoga, art workshops and English/Hebrew languages. Majoring in art in high school and ever focused on living creatively, she hosted her first solo art exhibit at the Leonardo Gallery in TLV in February 2018. 


She is passionate about learning, trying new things and is a big advocate of self-awareness.  She loves sharing her passions with others to help them create positive change in themselves and experience more joy and fulfillment in their lives.

Lola will lead sessions like: 

Back to Breath: A Breath Work Shop

Sound Circle: Leading with Your Voice 

Heart Opening Yoga


Sacral Chakra Sound Meditation 


Zohar Flamenbaum

Creative Design + MC

Zo started working for the ice cream man when she was nine years old, and has since continued her career of 

exploring various ways to deliver happiness. 


After studying Business Mgmt along the New Jersey shores, Zo moved to Tel Aviv in 2010, and began working in digital marketing. She realized that writing was her passion, and has since worked as an independent journalist, social media + marketing strategist, community builder, and content creator for communities, causes and initiatives dedicated to social impact.  

In 2014, Zo founded School of Shine, a space for women’s wellbeing, based on her own need for deep conversation, meaningful connection, and creative community. Zo has produced, facilitated and partnered 

on hundreds of events, from large scale community festivals to women's retreats to intimate wellbeing workshops. Today, SOS is a platform for self expression, leadership development and inspired action.

Zo believes that just one voice, one story or one smile can create positive shift in our world. She shares her own voice thru slam poetry, stories + raps. 

Zo will lead sessions like:

Write Your $%&! Out

The Feminine Leadership Framework

Exploring Your Creative Energy 

Shine and Tell : The V Speak

Together, we will create space to listen and share,  reimagine ritual, birth our collective vision, move our bodies, strengthen our voice, be heard, be seen, be together. 
our team

nourish BODY + MIND

moran sol.JPG

We are excited to welcome Moran Sol of Sol Food & Philosophy, who will complete our team and share her deep set values to Respect your Self | Respect Others | Respect Life.

Moran Sol is an esteemed Chef, Hostess and Experience Designer who believes in not only feeding our bodies, but feeding our souls. Moran leads food tours and cuisine experiences with to raises awareness and invites conversations to inspire better individuals to make conscious choices to respect our self, one another and life in the natural system of our universe.


Using food as a metaphor, Moran Sol shares various tools to support 'food-for-positive-thought,' reminding us of our power that 'we are what we eat', Just like how we choose to nourish our body, we shall also choose, wisely, how to nourish all aspects of our lives. 


If we think of designing our lives like we prepare a meal (from process to  idea to execution and taking responsibility for the impact of the choices we make along the way), Moran Sol believes we can lessen the negative impact and raise our individual & collective chances for more harmonious living.

She aspires to leave you with "food-for-positive-thought" in hopes that it will echo and inspire you to take an extra moment to reflect, and empowering you to live with conscious choice, in hopes that it will result in ripples of goodness, and we can be happier as a humanity.

Learn more here and follow her Sol Food journey here.

our pillars

the in.side pillars

sacred expression

Practices: Authenticity / Vulnerability / Intimacy

Sacred expression is how we show up in this world, how we share our unique voice, communicate with ourselves and others, and create intentional impact. 

It is how we consciously choose to turn our inside world out, and share our innermost sense of  self. It is how we connect with our intuition and allow flow to enter all levels of our being, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually. 

By consciously choosing our thoughts, words and actions, we have the power to create our reality.


We are all born creators. 

self leadership

Practices: Integrity / Bravery / Responsibility 


Self leadership is the ability to know thyself so you can lead thyself. 


A self leader has a deep desire to grow, and makes moves towards increased self awareness and self confidence to take inspired action. 

A self leader has the capacity to recognize emotions, desires, challenges and energy levels, and manages them while practicing discipline, finding inner motivation, and claiming personal responsibility. 

A self leader is always learning, taking initiative and leading by example.

We are all born leaders. 

feminine impact

Practices: Trust / Wisdom / Connection



Our feminine powers are soft, fluid, dynamic. Our essence exists with our natural ability to connect to intuition, find stillness, birth new creations, and be our own energy source. We know there is a power in our presence alone. We know it is stronger together. 

Feminine impact is the effect that women’s presence, energy and actions have on the wellbeing of the community. 

By learning how to leverage our feminine strengths and become effectively eloquent leaders, we become not the fire, but the fuel which ignites ripples of impact, resulting in a paradigm of positive shift for the greater good.

We invite, honor and acknowledge the power of feminine energy to elevate, enhance and enlighten our world.

We are all born lights.  

inside retreat.png



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