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RIZE Leader Lab

for brave women devoted to leading life your way 

We start  FALL 2023.

Do the damn thing. 

To the Founders, the Creatives, the Coaches, the Artists, the Writers, .


To the Seekers of Self-Discovery, the Collaborative Spirits, the Lifelong Learners...

You're done with the talk; it's time to do the damn thing. You're ready to fully embody your values and transform the way you lead and live.

The old ways aren't cutting it anymore, and you're ready to shape the life you desire.

No more feeling stuck, distracted, or confused. It's time for a shift.

You're prepared to become the leader of your life, whether in business, work, a creative endeavor, your family, or yourself.

Welcome to RIZE LEADER LAB, a two-month transformative container for conscious women committed to a life that sets them free, energizes them, and aligns with their true selves.


A life filled with purpose, intention, ritual, and space to be unapologetically YOU.


This journey empowers the leader within you and supports the impact you're destined to make in our world, even if you're still discovering what that is.

Imagine waking up tomorrow with unwavering clarity about who you are, confidence in your unique gifts, and the courage to tackle your personal "damn thing" head-on.

Imagine effortlessly making decisions, trusting yourself fully, finding balance and energy, and connecting with an extraordinary circle of women on the same journey.

Picture yourself walking the walk, one step at a time, and intentionally designing the life you truly desire.

It's all here, waiting for you. Together, we RIZE.

writers circle flow.jpeg

I've been where you are, and I understand what it takes to become a confident, clear leader who owns her power, unapologetically - and gets out of her own way.  


Who stops talking, hoping, dreaming about it,

and starts doing the damn thing. 


And it's time that you do too.

When it comes to leading a life of purpose, there are no short cuts, no binge diets, and no one-size-fits-all.


It's up to you, to invest the time, energy, and resources in your number one asset - YOU.

It's up to you to commit to learning what drives you forward and what holds you back.  

This is why RIZE is for the women ready to do the real, often challenging yet deeply rewarding work.

You walk away feeling clear as day, confident AF, and full of courage to become the leader you already know you are.


You walk away with the tools, an action plan, and a glorious crew of women who have your back - because, together is how we rise. 

It starts with you. It soars with us.



Do you want to create impact with
clarity, confidence + courage?

The Details
  • The course runs from JUNE 18 through AUG 6 2023. 

  • They will take place Sundays from 7:30 PM TLV / 12:30 PM NYC

  • Sessions run between 90 -120 minutes 

  • All sessions will be recorded in case you're unable to make it. 

  • Recommended to include an added hour per week to review materials, check in with power partners, and for personal practice. 

  • We will have a group to check in through the week, and delightful dares to keep us in movement, play, and growth energy!

  • There is one BONUS integration meetup one month after on Sunday Sep 3.

Jun 18    session 01 > the Feminine framework   

Jun 25   session 02 > SELF AS SANCTUARY 

Jul 2      session 03 > THE I IN IDENTITY

Jul 9      session 04 > EXPANDING YOUR EDGES

Jul 16    session 05 > EMBODYING LEADERSHIP

Jul 23    session 06 > VOICE AS A SUPERPOWER

Jul 30    session 07 > doing the damn thing

Aug 6    session 08 >  integration + celebration

Sep 3    BONUS session > one month integration
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"This was a beautiful container to explore myself more deeply, with the support of a circle of women and our magical facilitator, Zo Flamenbaum. Zo’s intuitive ability to activate the group’s flow and to ask the right questions, allowed me to discover new depths and strengths within myself. To be witnessed in my self discovery and expression was a powerful aspect of this women’s collective; and the reflections I received from our circle humbled me with tears of gratitude and joy. The 2 months I spent in this container gave me the sacred space to fall in love with myself."                                               

 - Ashley, Sound + Expressive Arts Facilitator

the action plan
what is it?

Meet your Guide


Hey, I'm Zo! I'm a social entrepreneur who is dedicated to facilitating women's growth processes through creativity, intention, and community. I believe that self-development breeds positive social change, and so I design and facilitate spaces to awaken our natural feminine intelligence, integrating the worlds of personal empowerment and collective connection.

After moving to Tel Aviv from Atlantic City, New Jersey in 2010, I was motivated by my own need for meaningful connection, deep conversation and a supportive sisterhood. I founded School of Shine as a home for personal growth, which today is a lifestyle lab for brave women who are tired of the 'default life' and crave personal freedom through self expression for more purposeful living.

Since launching in 2014, School of Shine has connected and impacted thousands of women in Israel and beyond. SOS offers empowerment circles, wellbeing workshops, online programs, and holistic leadership retreats. Zo works 1:1 with women who want to more deeply connect to their body, voice and story in full knowing that this is the root of what impacts your business, your relationships, and your life satisfaction. 


I'm a writer by nature and I share my own voice through spoken word poetry and rap performances, personal stories, and am working on a book, coming one day soon! I believe it takes one voice to make a difference. Imagine if Rosa never said no? 

Ready to rise together darling?!!

meet your guide

our 8-week online group mastermind
As a member, you receive:

👉   8 Live Online Learning + Mastermind Sessions 

      All sessions will be recorded and sent your way in case you can't make it.

👉   RIZE Workbook   

👉   Accountability Partner = Support + Motivation  

👉   Practical Tools, Practices, Rituals, Resources + Videos 

👉   Exclusive membership to our global community 

👉   A life-changing opportunity to take action with like-minded women

PLUS, these bonuses included for free:

>> BONUS:  1-on-1 Mentoring Session with Zo

I want to make sure you're ready to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Schedule a session for anytime during our program to receive direct guidance, customized tools, and personal support.

>> BONUS: Weekly Co-working Session Online

Option to join a weekly co-working meetup online to keep you active and accountable 

Time will be determined once all members of the group are in.

>> BONUS: Home:play and Delightful Dares!

During our time together, receive extra doses of fun, wisdom and bold actions to take to practice courage and to encourage our group to do the damn thing.

>> BONUS: Final Integration Celebration!

After our journey, we'll gather one final time, post circle to process all of our takeaways, lessons, and open questions. 

Our 8-week Leadership Lab + Mastermind Circle

plus bonuses is only


(scholarships + payment plans are available if needed)

To receive the scholarship form, email


“A circle of women may just be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, dive in."                                                                                                                Jeannette LeBlanc

women from our last circles say

There were poignant exercises, careful mentorship and each detail had been doused in loving intention. It was incredibly moving and inspiring to share the journey with an open and supportive group of women who dove heart first into all the exercises which challenged our vulnerability, strengthened our sisterhood, forced us to explore beyond our edges and get in touch with our voice.

- Tracy, Meditation + Mindset Coach

Not only did I have the chance to connect with myself and face some of my deepest insecurities in a safe space, but I also connected with some of the most badass women out there. I feel so blessed to have had this experience. It's perfect for anyone who seeks self-exploration and community.


This program was truly transformative! It helped me to really appreciate my strengths and skills, examine my fears, and have fun amidst the craziness of life and the pandemic. I am so grateful to have met so many incredibly sweet and inspiring women who support each other!                                                                      

- Miri, Project Manager at IBM Israel

miri smerling.jpg

If you're ready to take a hard, yet loving, look at yourself and how you choose to show up in this world, this program is for you! Zo expands your self-growth tool box and then it's up to you (with her and the collective's support, of course) to put in the work. In all honestly, it's not the type of program I would typically buy into but with my gym membership on hold due to COVID, I figured I'd give it a shot. Funny how normalized it is to pay for improving our physical health but we second guess investing in our emotional energy. Definitely worth it!!

- Emma

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-04 at

In the midst of Corona, uncertainty, fatigue, frustration, and overall one of the hardest periods of my life, Zo provided a safe space for a group of strangers, women from all walks of life, to share, rant, vent, laugh, cry and support each other in amazing and heart-opening ways. The magic that was us was undeniably strong and I feel blessed to have been a part of it.  I cant wait to meet some of these women in person!

- Dori

This program is a unique sisterhood experience that was truly transformational. I came in super apprehensive and afraid that it wasn't "for me" because I did not feel powerful or strong in my vision. Yet going through the course helped me find my voice and establish a vision, something I really didn't expect! I loved the themes, content and felt they were well-organized in a way that they led into one another and opened me up to my path. I felt supported by Zo and the other women in the group, inspired, and connected to each person in some way. It did require a lot of personal investment but like anything else, you get out of it what you put in, and I am proud of myself for what I was able to give. Thank you Zo and the women in the Collective!

- Tami

why should I join?

Why join?

The most powerful growth occurs when we do the work together.  

It keeps us accountable, focused, motivated, and supports our growth process.

It allows us to witness one another in our full feminine spectrum, from our strengths to our sensitivities.

Plus, let's be honest. Every time women gather in circle, wisdom pours out like rose' on a summer day. 


Today more than ever, we need women who identify as leaders, with clear, confident, and courageous voices and visions, to become an unstoppable force for good - and create the world we want to live in.

RIZE LEADER LAB means you walk away:

  • Tapped into your feminine superpowers and unleashing your true voice and full expression with clarity, confidence, and courage 

  • Receiving essential leadership skills, practical tools, techniques, frameworks, and strategies to navigate the complexities of leadership today

  • Increased self discovery, self awareness, self confidence and trust

  • Growing your global network and connecting to a supportive community of powerhouse women

  • Joining the rising wave of female leaders creating a positive meaningful impact on our world. 

If you aspire to change the world and are ready to rise, RIZE LEADER LAB is for you.

join the collective

Get in touch!

Ask us anything and make sure this program is the right fit for you >>>


We know times are rough. It's always the right time to invest in yourself. Don't hesitate to ask about our scholarships and payment plans.

If finances are the ONLY thing stopping you from joining us, be in touch and let's talk about all the options available! 

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