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Zo and sunflowers

Aug 18, 2023

Last day to sign
up Aug 17!


It's time that you prioritize you


For the busy woman who seeks motivation, accountability and support

to center yourself, connect to your body, and feel confident in your voice. 

The Treat Yoself Adventure is a 22-day journey carefully crafted by Zo

to share simple ways to inspire the small things that create big change

in how we show up for ourselves, and so, others. 

Every day, you'll get a delightful dare to guide you through a moment of sweet self connection.

Imagine a 5-10 minute fun mini ritual - an embodied/somatic practice, an expressive exercise, a creative invitation  - all to nurture and nourish your relationship with you

Because you and your (physical, emotional, intellectual + spiritual) wellbeing

are the most important investment you got.

Our journey kicks off on August 18, and culminates in a final integration workshop

online on September 10. Plus, there's always such a special group of women from around the world to connect, motivate, share alongside.


For this adventure, we will prepare ourselves intentionally. To note the transition between summer and fall, to land inside ourselves before high holiday season - so that when we step into the new season and new year, we feel clear, centered and connected in self.

It's going to be a special journey, and I hope you'll jump right in and treat yoself. . 

Are you in? Only $22 for 22 days.

Over 500 women worldwide have participated in the Treat Yoself Adventure so far,

sometimes 2 or 3 times! Read what the women say.

For those who want to join in again, our adventure has been updated and upgraded!  So if you'd like to jump in for another round, you'll meet a brand new experience, more focused on grounding into our body, our presence, and our power. 


Are you in constant GO GO GO mode?


Do you feel disconnected from your inner voice?

Do you barely find time to connect with yourself?

Is your body craving some love and attention?

Is your 'to do' list filled with everything besides time for YOU?

Women, we've all been there. And this kind of routine 

leads us straight to burnout, depression and exhaustion.

So what's the solution? How can we break the burnout cycle

and start reconnecting with our center, our power, our light?

It's the small things we do every day

that help us create tremendous change in our lives.

It's the moments we live with intention 

that we feel pure joy and daily delight. 

We often forget to allow ourselves this grace - which is fair.

It's easy to get caught up in the chaos and responsibility of life.


But sometimes, all we need is a reminder: 

do something kind for your self. 

That's why the Treat Yoself Adventure was born - 

Every day for 22 days, you will receive a delightful dare, 

a proven boost of happiness, direct to your inbox.

You will also be invited to join our group to share your daily wins.

Of course, it's always up to you whether you DO the dare or not.

We'll be there to motivate, encourage, and support the process, however you show up. 


Isn't it time to live a delightful, happy, and beautiful life every day?

Isn't it time to prioritize the little things that may just make a world of difference in your life?

Are you ready to TREAT YOSELF?

how it works



Dare to Treat Yourself

Make the choice to treat yourself. If you rarely take the time to do something nice for yourself, now is the time!


Join hundreds of women worldwide in an adventure dedicated to fun, wellbeing + 

personal development.

It costs $22 for 22 days. Are you willing to dedicate $1 a day to increased self awareness, self appreciation and self worth?

You're worth it darling.


Our Adventure Begins!

From Aug 18 - Sept 8, you will receive 22 carefully crafted delightful dares.


Each dare will invite you to tune in and reconnect with your inner world, mostly through your body and voice. All in support of your full spectrum of self expression!

You will also gain access to our supportive sisterhood community, where we stay inspired, accountable and celebrate throughout our

22-day journey. 



Integrate the Experience

Once our 22 day adventure ends, you get one last treat! 

On Sun Sep 10, you're invited to a fun celebration + integration circle and workshop. If you can't make it, it will be recorded, plus you'll get the Dive Deeper Worksheet. 

The integration process is a powerful way to make the most of your experience, no matter how many dares you do or not.

Ready to TREAT YOSELF to 22 Days of Delight?

You deserve it sister.

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curious about taking part? see how it helped others!


Connection to a Global Community of Wise Women

Proven, Positive Tools + Somatic Practices to Foster and

Integrate Mind + Body Connection


Motivation, Accountability + Support to Take Inspired Action

Increased Self Awareness, Self Appreciation + Self Worth


Embodied + Creative Ideas to Reconnect with Your Center

A Simple and FUN Way to Brighten Your Days!

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what you get


"Yes, I notice a difference in myself! I am more optimistic, more excited and confident to be whatever I want. "



Elana H.

what women say
sign up for delight
sign up for delight


Our 22 day Adventure includes:


     22 Delightful Dares / Mini Rituals for Self Connection  


     Live Integration + Celebration Workshop online

     >>> Sunday Sep 10 (Recording will be sent if you can't make it)


     Dive Deeper Worksheet to process the practice

     Exclusive Access to our Sisterhood Community

     Affordable self care + fun opportunity to join with your bestie from across the world

    $22.00 for 22 days - includes all the above + more!

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If you prefer to pay by Bit or Paybox, email Zo below.


Ask us anything by sending an email :)

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