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 cultivate your values, vision, and voice to 
 ignite massive feminine impact 
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Our mission is to spark your superpower,

and cultivate your inner leader. 

It starts by mastering your inner world, gaining clarity, and taking inspired action with confidence and courage. 


We've built up a toolbox of proven practices, and our mission is to empower every woman to know herself, love herself, and be herself - unapologetically


It starts with finding and freeing your voice. 

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Are you your own worst enemy or your bestest friend?

As hard as we may try, negative self-talk can endlessly filter itself into our minds. And sometimes, that inner voice can be a real B. 

The good news, we can retrain our brains to think differently. We can cultivate self-compassion and kindness, through acts of self care. 

If you're looking for inspiration, get our free Shine Guide to Be Your Own Bestie. Our easy to read short and sweet guide includes 7 proven practices, the purpose behind them, and an extra dose of shiny motivation to become your own best friend.  

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Always be learning. Our inner world is the one thing we never really learned about in school. WHY? Because when we master our inner world, we can begin to master the outer one. Just because we "grow up" doesn't mean we ever stop learning. Knowledge IS power, and the more we do the inner work, the more we can consciously choose to shift our outer world. Learning yourself is the key. Self-development ignites social change. 


The way we express ourselves is our connection point. It's how we interact with the world. It's the words we use, the stories we share, and the language we speak, in both mind and body. It's our bridge from our most inner world, shining out. It's how we show up, with our creativity, authenticity, vulnerability, power, truth, and our light. It is our key to unlock everything we desire to create our reality.  



We are stronger together. All it takes is one voice - one encouragement, one loving reminder, one YOU GOT THIS - to keep us going. One voice to keep rising up because we know we are stronger together. We believe in the power of the feminine, as it weaves us together, inviting space to co-create with our gifts, empowering each voice to be heard, seen, and felt. 

We cannot control many things, yet we can cultivate our energy, our most valuable inner resource. Where we focus our energy and our attention is what we have the power to create in our reality. Where we choose to invest our time and energy is the difference between a life of magic or a life of mundane. We always have a choice, and we always have the power to center, connect and tap in to cultivate our energy.

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The Course:

The Shine Collective

The Shine Collective is a group mentorship experience for women ready to take action for good, who want to strengthen, empower and lead with voice. In our 60-day Transformational Living Mastermind program, we work with deep intention and creative individual and collective process. 


Alongside weekly learning sessions and group guidance, we nurture a safe and brave space, a nucleus of support, accountability and ongoing motivation. Plus, receive tools, embodied practices, and feminine wisdom to support your growth process. 

Our second cohort launches on Sunday, September 13.  Will you be there!? 

The Workshops: 

Book a Workshop

We design and create 

transformational experiences, for personal empowerment, collective connection, and to motivate inspired action. By hosting brave spaces for individuals to explore, experiment and embody a healthy mind body wellbeing, we develop leaders dedicated to social impact.

Hire us to facilitate a community or team building/bonding

experience that is fun, deep and empowering for all.

Some of our workshops: Mind Body Balance, The Feminine Leadership Framework, Energy Mapping 101, Public Service Poetry, Voice Your Vagina, and much more. 

See our menu or contact us to learn about our tailor-made experience. 

The Community:

The Writers Circle

On Wednesdays, we write! Join our online space to write your heart out, express, share and shine.

Get guided through a series of writing + movement exercises, and receive thematic prompts to encourage authentic expression, mind body connection and intuitive flow. And whatever else is ready to spill out of you :)

We aim to create an ongoing space to support and spark our individual and collective creative process. 

We touch on topics like bravery, freedom, intimacy, change + more. July topics include racism, privilege, justice and activism. 

No experience necessary. See you next Wednesday! 

<<<   meet the founder   >>>

Hey darling! I'm Zo.

With years of experiences facilitating transformational growth experiences for women, I understand one thing clearly. 

Women of all walks share the belief that we are not enough. 

And I'm calling booshit.  

Because every woman I know, whether a business boss or a stay-at-home mom, a creative entrepreneur or a budding coach, is a woman who inspires, motivates, creates new worlds. She is effortlessly powerful, a rock of feminine intelligence, her mere presence capable of sending waves of positive impact rippling through our world.


Every woman I know is more than enough. And I believe it's time we each believe it, trust it, and live it fully and freely. 

It starts with knowing yourself, and knowing your voice. Because your voice is your superpower. 

And together...well just imagine all the good we can do. 

Time to rise sisters - and of course, shine :) 

Join one of our many opportunities, and start creating social impact while developing your self. 

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<<<   that's what she said   >>>

From Brooke

School of Shine is a place where women can learn, grow, think, and just be. Zo's strength is opening your mind to ideas that we've all heard before - but helping us understand how it can better us and make us happier in the long run. It's the best blend of self-improvement, envisioning, learning, feminism, and passion in a cool space that every woman feels comfortable in.  I always walk out of a School of Shine event with a new intention and sometimes even a new friend. 

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