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Imagine a world where
every woman knows her power. 

We learn countless things growing up, yet seem to neglect learning our most important subject—ourselves.


Here, we believe that true power comes from self-knowledge.


That's why we guide women to explore their inner landscapes, express their unique sparks, and embody their core values.


By embracing our voices and stepping into self leadership, we don't just transform our lives—we change the world around us.


If you're reading this, consider it your sign - it's time to shine. 


Inwards and upwards, baby. 

In a world trying to sell you everything, knowing yourself is the ultimate act of rebellion. Ready to stage a coup against self-doubt and lead the revolution of you?


Turn Up Your Inner Volume

You've got a voice, but we'll help you crank it to 11 and amplify its super powers. Get ready to express yourself so boldly, even your shower singing will be jealous.


Learn Thyself, Queen

You're already awesome, but let's make you unstoppable. In the ultimate power move, turn the spotlight inward and deep dive into the ocean of you – no scuba gear needed, just raw honesty and a dash of courage. Get ready to lead with the unshakeable confidence of a woman who knows herself inside and out. 


Join the Shine Sisterhood

Imagine a squad so supportive, your group chat feels like your personal pep rally. Here, we rise by lifting each other, turning individual sparks into a collective blaze of change.

Do the Damn Thing

Deep Dive Business Strategy Session Tailored to You

One 3-hour session helps you:

  • Gain clarity and direction on promoting your business

  • Get personalized feedback +creative strategy

  • Walk away with a no-BS action plan

Topics we can cover together: 

  • Social media creation, planning + promotion

  • Storytelling and Refining your Brand Voice

  • Creating an action plan for a product, service or event launch

  • Creative marketing how-tos, best practices + tips 

Pssst, we have a Summer Special deal through August!​ Email Zo to learn more. 

You can also get our masterclass on 10 Steps to Doing the Damn Thing here

Hey I'm Zo!
Here to help you - and your voice, business, and creative power - rise the eff up!

See What Else is on Tap This Season

FLOW Writer's Day Retreat

Free Your Voice

Join a fun writing day retreat to write your heart out, express, share and shine.

Get guided through a series of writing + movement exercises, and receive creative and playful  prompts to encourage authentic expression, mind body connection and intuitive flow. And whatever else is ready to spill out of you :)

Our next writing day retreat is on August 2 in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. 


Get details.

SPARK Leader Lab   

Waiting List 

Open a circle in your town and join women dedicated to stepping into self-leadership and strengthening their identities within a supportive community.


Our 8-week guide focuses on foundational feminine leadership principles to enhance both individual and collective growth.

Facilitator training is currently on a waitlist. Be part of a community committed to empowerment and connection.

Our next cohort launches Fall 2024. 

Tailormade Shine

Work +Playshops 

We design fun experiences focused on play, creativity, self knowledge, and community building. 

Hire Zo to facilitate a bright and connective group experience, from college students to corporate teams.

Workshops Include:

  • Mind-Body Balance

  • Outside the Creative Box

  • Connecting with Values

  • Feminine Leadership Framework

  • Energy Mapping 101


Explore the workshop menu or get in touch to learn about tailor-made experiences.

 Words From the Women 

From Brooke

School of Shine is a place where women can learn, grow, think, and just be. Zo's strength is opening your mind to ideas that we've all heard before - but helping us understand how it can better us and make us happier in the long run. It's the best blend of self-improvement, envisioning, learning, feminism, and passion in a cool space that every woman feels comfortable in.  I always walk out of a School of Shine event with a new intention and sometimes even a new friend. 


From Alona

School of Shine is a game-changer for women.  The community that Zo Flamenbaum, SoS's visionary founder, has created is one of strength, positivity and support.  I've met some of my best friends through this initiative and am grateful for the opportunity to be part of something so inspirational.


From Jamie

What I love most about School of Shine is that it's constantly creating new opportunities for women (and men) to be empowered and inspired but also to empower and inspire.  As part of the SOS community, I can choose when I want to be a participant, a volunteer or a leader.  There's something for everyone who wants to be part of the magic. 

Our Not-So-Secret Mission


The one thing we never learned in school was ourself.

Only when we master our inner world, can we begin to master the outer one.

Every one of our offerings increases our self awareness so that we can become better leaders.  


When we don't let ourselves out, we hold ourselves back. 

The more we learn the art of sacred self expression, the more we show up in our most authentic and brave truth.


Our offerings invite you to show up, and practice authentic expression to embody your whole self.



Our inner critics are the worst. Sometimes all it takes is that one voice to remind you, that you got thisssss.  

Our offerings dive into our relationship with our inner voice so that you can become your own best friend. But until then, we will always be that voice for you. 

We've been learning how to manage the wrong thing for years. Forget time management. It's all about energy, our most valuable renewable resource, and our inner compass.

Becoming aware of our 4 energetic levels empowers us to know exactly where to invest our time and attention. 

  A Little Love Note 

Hey darling! I'm Zo.

I wholeheartedly believe that self development is collective revolution.


By learning, knowing and growing ourselves, we are in service to the greater good.

The more we connect to ourselves in truth, in ground and in light - the more we create a world that reflects our return to nature. Everything we do at School of Shine - from our programs to our sessions to our workshops and retreats - speaks to our 3 pillars:


                                      BRAVE EXPRESSION

                                                                                FEMININE IMPACT 

We are here to help you EXPRESS EMBODY +ENERGIZE your whole self- through voice body and story. So that you live a life that feels aligned, liberated, and bright as ever.


I'm so happy you're here!




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 Snag our *FREE GIFT* and master the art of being your own bestie with our BYOB Guide.

Enjoy a 7-day adventure of delightful dares that'll inspire you to Be Your Own Bestie. Go on, roll out the red carpet for yourself with science-backed, bite-sized acts of self love. 


Our guide includes //

  • 7 tried-and-true tactics (+ the science behind them) to kick start your self love affair 

  • 10 micro-moments of me-time to keep the spark alive

  • Surprise pep talks sprinkled like confetti throughout.          

Ready to be your own hype squad? Let's turn that inner critic into your biggest cheerleader!


You've got mail, queen!

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Join the Love Letter


Bright + bold confidence boosts 

> Growth mindset  and leadership resources, events + opportunities 

> Tips, tools + creative practices to encourage a healthier relationship with your inner world

> First dibs on EXCLUSIVE OFFERS + sweet discounts   

Join our tribe of women leading with action for good.

Congrats! Welcome

to the shine family!

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