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4 Ways to Process Emotions Around Coronavirus

Oh my my myyyy corona.

As the world breaks down to break through, humanity is shifting. The question is, are you shifting with it? Are you feeling the present so you can leverage the future? Or are you holding on to a past that is gone for good?

Eek. If it feels heavy, that's because it is. Yet opportunity rests in every corner - if we choose to take it. With self-isolation comes access to the most valuable resource we have - time.

We're being invited to recharge, retreat, and reset. We have space in time to be more intentional with our feelings, our thoughts, our actions. To release what was and align with a more universal mindset.

It's been so beautiful to witness an abundance of wellness professionals, artists and healers stepping up with their online offerings. It's also been quite overwhelming. Of course it's important to move, learn and keep your mind busy. I just hope that people aren't skipping over the processing portion of this global crisis. You know, the part where we just stare into space, dazed, confused, WTFing our way through what is becoming our new reality.

Maybe my concern is just the ingrained Jewish mama in me, but as a wellness professional, artist and healer myself, during this time of global reset, using our time with delicate intention is the key to powerful healing and positive impact for our collective future.

This potent time is begging for TRUTH. Reaching truth requires an internal gaze, honest awareness and emotional processing. Now is not the time to bypass your feelings. It is normal to feel fear, anxiety, panic and uncertainty.

Do not skip the breakdown. It is the only way we can fully break through.

How do we process our emotions throughout this time of unrest?

First, let's lay out the facts. There is currently a global health pandemic swooping the world which goes by the name of COVID-19. As of this writing on the morning of March 19, over 8,900 people have died. Over 84,000 people have healed. (Check current stats here: Countries are shutting down their borders and all non essential businesses within. Citizens are being asked to stay inside their homes. Companies are laying off and schools are being closed. Small business owners are hurting.

It's safe to say, humanity has never been here before. But hey, at least we're all in this together :)

The good news is, out of crisis comes compassion. A new era of generosity has sprouted.

But before we dive into The Bright Side of darkness, it's okay, and quite necessary, to acknowledge, process and feel into whatever it is we need to feel.

How do we process the feels?

We create space without distraction.

We create time without interruption.

We sit or lie down comfortably, and allow your body to be still.

We breathe. We BE.

We focus on the sensations inside of your body.

We feel them. We observe. We acknowledge. We allow what is asking to be felt, to be felt.

Without judgement. With kindness.

It's not always easy. In fact, the majority of the time it's not. In a world that has been pushing us to move as fast as we can, it can feel almost impossible to stop and find stillness. To rest our minds and drop into our bodies. Yet, once we do, it's time to move that energy, up down and OUT.

So once we feel, how do we release? There are many ways to move energy, and there is no one right way. There is simply what works for You. However that looks for you, just make sure to differentiate between what actions support emotional escape versus emotional freedom.

That said, here are four basic Energetic Release Methods that always work for me.

What's an Energetic Release Method?

In my definition, an Energetic Release Method is a processing tool to move, shift and release our emotional energy. A way to set our energy in motion to create space for fresh energies to enter our orbit.

Each method is super simple, accessible and actionable. These four methods focus specifically on forms of self expression as an anchor. They invite us to connect with our internal energy and create space for pure expressive release. They allow for our internal world to meet the external, inviting a deeper sense of balance between the two.

I use these methods when I feel stuck, confused, or anxious. When I don't know what to do, but know I need to do something to move from point A to point B.

If you don't feel immediate impact, remember that even a baby step is still a step.

An Important Note from Me to You

One of the most important things to do right now, is be.