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lib·er·at·ed // a poem

Liberated is looking back and not regretting a thing.

Breathing in and out just like the tree on your side.

When you bent on your back and your bones don’t collide

When you hear the birds and it makes you smile

When you feel the fresh wind and you know it’s there

When the shadow gives you calm

And when the sunshine grows you a smile.

Liberated is having your own pace

When you look for the undone

When you try and don’t miss the bullseye

When you go out in the rain

When you sing and dance like no one is looking

When you share a pain

When the fight remains present.

Liberated is knowing the separated disease is gone

When you can give a hug

When you receive a message or call

When you read an email and hear a thought

When you receive advice

When you can make your own decisions

When you can grow on all sides.

Liberated is not being reprimanded

When you are not isolated

When you are just you

When you have a home and built a part

When you can write and express

When you communicate and smile

When you are focused.

Liberated is flying in the clouds and recovering from the fall

When the open wound starts to close

When you feel the stage fright and you even go

When you start and finish what you come to do

When you are ready set and ready to go

When the pen continues when you flow and furiously write

When you don’t stop and just be.

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