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7 of our Favorite Sexually Enlightening Instagram Accounts

With an overwhelming amount of information online, it can be hard to know where the real juice lies. Of course, the real juice sits within you, but here we spotlight 7 of our favorite sexually enlightening Instagram accounts. Dive in deeper to your pleasure, your sexuality, and your sensuality - learn new things, explore your body, and shine the eff on.

BIO > Turn average sex into out-of-this-world orgasm through the power of the cervix. A path of love and personal development.

Self Cervix, a global network of “disrupt-hers,” is dedicated to connecting women to their cervixes. Through guided programs and a sex-positive female community, women have the opportunity to discover the powers of and create an intimate relationship with their cervixes. The Self Cervix team is constantly updating their information as new discoveries are made, so outdated research is thoroughly challenged and defied. Also has a kickass free masterclass series.

BIO > pleasure positive online sexual wellness store for everyone.

Wild Flower Sex is an innovative, inclusive, and mindful resource for sex-positivity, education, and wellness. You can purchase adult toys from an infinite selection, learn about sexual wellness and self-care from a shame-free, informative space, and have all your burning questions answered from any of the 20+ categories. Double penetration, female ejaculation, and finding the right sex toy are just a few examples. One way that Wild Flower Sex is revolutionizing inclusive sex is with their very own all-body sex toy, the Enby. the Enby is designed to please any body, any identity, any kind of relationship.

BIO > Health and wellness website and one-stop portal for all your questions about sex, intimacy, and pleasure.

Passion By Kait is a space for sexual health and wellness. Here you can find sex tips and relationship advice through “practical, evidence-based” insight that aims to create #freedominpleasure. Kait believes that pleasure is our birthright and that we shouldn’t feel ashamed, awkward, or embarrassed about fulfilling sex life. Kait is a certified sex educator with a background in neuroscience and public health, so you can definitely trust whatever she has to say. Through free resources, curious souls learn to prioritize pleasure and understand that sex is an essential aspect of our health. You can ask any and all questions about sex, intimacy, and pleasure.

BIO > We create spaces online + in real life for Black people to openly discuss sexual exploration and liberation.

There are so many Instagram accounts, initiatives, and resources for sexual health, wellbeing, and support, but representation is still lacking in many areas. Afrosexology is a supportive, sex-positive community for black women with an emphasis on embracing, loving and having agency over your own body, Afrosexology is a movement that aims to demolish the system of white supremacy through an act of resistance, ultimately bringing women of color to reclaim their social, political, and economic agency. Through workshops designed to explore, educate, and reclaim black sexuality, women of color have the opportunity to seek empowerment through sexual liberation. Because exclusivity is the exact opposite of this mission, workshops are open to all individuals of color regardless of race, gender, age, disability, or religion.

BIO > I’m the reason you slightly tilt your phone away from others. No room for hate- just love (+ vibrator/menstrual cups)

The Vagina Blog covers literally everything about the vagina. Topics include menstruation, maturation, sex, sex before, during & after pregnancy… and more. Through an educational yet entertaining tone of voice, this is a resource for all you need to know about the female anatomy. Blog categories include vaginal health, period panties, fertility charting, lube, boobies, and pretty much everything else.

BIO > Community for everything you were too afraid to ask at home; too embarrassed to ask at school; or that was just too hard to ask a partner. By Spring & Andrew

The Sex Wrap is a podcast that covers everything that you’re too afraid to ask. Anal sex, broken hearts, protection, sexual well-being… nothing is abandoned. The Sex Wrap encourages a healthy dialogue about sex while offering tips and advice to an inclusive audience.

BIO > An unprecedented platform for reproductive + sexual health #allbodieswelcome

Allbodies is a platform that informs and empowers all bodies, no matter your gender identity, background, sexual identity, or whatever. This is a space where all bodies can learn about literally everything that is involved in sex, sexuality, reproduction, reproductive health, relationships, even history & policy. In addition to the immensely thorough education that is offered, you can also shop for sex toys, condoms, period cups, even an at-home fertility test, and STD test, and supplements to get your reproductive health on the right track. Basically, Allbodies provides necessary items that everyone should have access to. Best of all, Allbodies provides support- from abortions, mental health, periods, trauma, pregnancy, and more, whatever you are struggling with, you are not alone and a solution is just a few clicks away.

Other accounts we love include

Yonilicious > Kristin Murray Alexi, Inclusive Sexologist🏳️‍🌈 ▽Yoni Massage Training▽Sx Coach Training ▽Pleasure Courses▽Podcast

TheSexEd > The Sex Ed is a digital platform for educational resources—including original essays, a curated Library, podcast series, Sexpedia and more!

The Layla Martin > Founder of the VITA™ method; a Tantric approach to sex, love & relationships. Ready to unlock your sacred sexuality?

Embodied Awakening Academy > LOVE, SEX, RELATIONSHIP & FREEDOM 🔥

Bringing you the tools you need to embody sexual & emotional empowerment. Ready for REAL TANTRA?

My Dear Vagina > no words, just worth a visit :)

Which one will you dive into first?

What are your favorite accounts?

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