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The Notorious VAG // Spoken Word

I asked her what she had to say,

I hadn’t listened before today.

She's been with me through thick and thin,

its finally time to listen in...

My dear vejay,

Lips open wide,

stands up right now

to speak with pride

Her first words streaming out tonight -

here we go V, it’s your spotlight!


is a dirty word, but why?

Because what she makes you feel

can make you fly?

How can we cringe at her given name

Perhaps it's time we declare a worldwide reframe

I mean,

A pussy? Which scratches at your feet,

a snatch to capture you when we meet.

A bearded clam? Is that for real?

Way to kill every ounce of sex appeal.

A meat wallet might just be the best –

the quickest way to keep her dressed.

She’s more than that – you have to know –

She deserves respect, she's a womanly chateau!

She doesn’t get why she's still seen -

as something tainted, and so unclean.

What makes her feared? What gives you fright?

The fact that she won't always be tight?

She says it's time to loosen up -

To feel her FLOW and let her ERUPT.

Because where has society fallen apart

that we can barely talk about our most powerful body part?

Maybe if we put her in a song,

She’ll finally feel like she belongs.


Notorious VAG, because

these lips are on fiiiiireeeeeyaaaa.

She’s been silenced now for way too long.

She feels her power, she’s growing strong.

She’s so used to blame and shame and pain.

The way she’s treated is f*cking insane

Let’s keep it real – Life. Is. Not. Porn.

This is the spot from where you were born.

The opening where you entered this earth –

Remember...that time your mom gave birth?

She's tired of opening up to be let down –

She’s been through too much – she deserves a crown.

She’s ready to live her life openly

to set her sensational spirit freeeeeee

no more lying down to deal with shtick,

she’s done giving in to senseless dick.

She has something she needs to vent –

Why they think they can touch her without consent

two sets of lips, and they don’t listen to her scream

Is her pure power causing this bad dream?

She’s been caught in many instances which feel 50 shades of grey

No right no wrong, but all along he didn’t pay attention to the no she’d say

And though she fears the whispers of being called “angry feminist”

Maybe when she feels just ONE OUNCE of respect, she can give up on her quest.

AND just because she’s a feminist doesn’t mean she disrespects the man

We need your help to make a change - its the only way we can.

Of course she’s angry - you would be too - if you were looked at as a hole.

Imagine living your entire life being just a fucking pole.

This “hole” is just exhausted of being beaten with the stick -

shed much prefer a comforting hug or at least a loving lick.

And on that note, I asked her what makes her grandest day

She says its time to talk about the return of good foreplay.

Cuz compared to his one up standing head

She's got a red sea of pleasure inside her bed.

Flowing with depth towards the promised land,

Her burning bush needs just one hand

She’s the power center of every goddess queen.

A million twilight zones remain unseen

A creative universe of pleasure flow

To connect to the depths of wisdom we already know.

Dripping deep in holy and sacred space,

She’s the secret garden to the human race

So nurture ALL THE SPACE between your legs

She’s the nest which cares for all your eggs

She knows that she is the center, of the center of the earth –

And so is yours women and girls - its time for our rebirth

I asked mine what she had to say. Now she won’t shut up - she's ready to SLAY.

Thrust into the spotlight, it’s time to shine – say hello to your divine feminine shrine.

She is not a hole.

She is a whole woman.

She is a whole world.

Respect her.

Every single one of her sacred drips.

And don’t forget, to always kiss her goodnight on the lips :)

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