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7 Self-care Essentials to Live Your Days with Ease

I never really learned how to take care of myself. Okay fine. Brush teeth twice a day, shower here and there, wash my hair. I learned how to put mascara on, paint my nails, and shave my legs.

But I never learned how to take GOOD care of myself, how to treat myself right, how to put myself first, how to prioritize and appreciate my health, or how to love my body.

As a grown ass woman who’s learning how to do that now - it’s hard. It’s hard to make doctor's appointments when I get weird twinges in my feet or neck. It’s hard to meditate when I have so much work to do. It’s hard to balance responsibility with rest. It’s hard to prioritize myself when there is so much else to do!

It's hard - but I've learned the hard way that it’s always necessary. Because when we don’t take care of ourselves, we end up in extreme situations, like the hospital, amidst deep heartbreak, or heading straight for burn out.

What I realized is that it’s all about the baby steps. Here, I break it down into the seven tiniest and easiest ways to take care of myself - which make for a better me - and may help you become better at caring for yourself too.

1. Morning ritual + routine

It all starts when I first wake up. Deep breathe in and out, moment of gratitude for another day of sunshine and life – eyes flutter open. Stretch out and starfish the bed. Grab journal. (Not phone.) Free flow one page of thought; whatever it may be. Feet hit the ground – thanks for the never-ending support. Chug water. Take pill. Pee. Another 10-minute stretch. A 10-minute meditation. And my day begins.

The way we start our day is so crucial. Connect with yourself, focus on your intention, find your ground and feel your gratitude. It’s the perfect morning recipe to revive yourself from a deep night’s sleep – and then of course, coffee.

2. Alone time

I love being around people, most of the time. I love helping people, most of the time. But sometimes, I need silence, I need to be unavailable, free from company, free to nestle deeply into myself, to settle my thoughts, no shirt, no shoes, no phones, no service.

I consider myself a super social outgoing person – but that still means I’m allowed to claim time for myself. In fact, it’s the only way I remain a super social outgoing person. If I find myself always on the go go go, I know I need to start saying no no no – and taking time just for me me me. It helps me stay centered and focused on whatever I need, instead of getting caught up the crowd, like I’ve done for so many years in the past.

3. Little things

I’m thankful for the sunshine ray that streams in through my window. I’m thankful for the birds chirping, for my hands which write, for my beating heart. I’m thankful for my throat and the way she helps me share my voice, the way she helps me swallow and stay hydrated, and the way she alerts me when I feel deep anger, pain, or frustration. That's what I'm feeling right now - but with each moment, there is always something to be grateful for.

Gratitude is necessary with every breathe. It’s when we focus in on the super specific small things that life becomes much greater. With appreciation of the simple things, life simply becomes more simple.

Great happiness tip? Focus on gratitude by taking a gratitude walk - taking time to zone into all your surrounding and focus on finding where your gratitude lies - whether in your feet or the flowers you spot on the way. You can also write down your gratitude for little things. It’s proven to make you happier and boost your brain in thinking happier too.

4. Body love

I moved around for 6 years in need of a home. I felt lost AF, like I was wandering the desert for 40 years in search of a place to call home, kicked out from the crazy place I had been and ready to journey for as long as it took to just find my own space - like a true wandering Jew. I felt SO focused on finding four walls that brought me comfort that I forgot to take care of my true home – my body. It wasn’t until I couldn’t pick myself up from my bed to search for a new home that I realized just how lucky I had been to have a vibrant, healthy body.

I had chosen to see realtors over doctors -