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Food for the Soul

So it's this time of the year again when kids go back to school and a new year begins. We start to think where we are going to be on Rosh Hashana, whose parents, or auntie or friend, we are going to visit.

Some of us also take time to ask ourselves questions like - what did I achieve last year? What have I done that I'm proud of? - and conversely that I'm not proud of and want to change?

What behavior doesn't serve me and doesn't lead me to the outcome I desire? What outcome do I desire?

Am I happy with where I am? What do I want to achieve this year?

Rosh Hashana is a window of time of opportunity to write the manuscript of our own story for the coming year.

The seeds we plant on Rosh Hashana and the light and energy we receive will stay with us throughout the year. Notice in Hebrew the new year is called Rosh Hashana contrasted with the Gregorian calendar when at Christmas we talk about the New Year - or in Hebrew, Shana chadasha.

Rosh - the head is where it all starts!

Our thoughts are the ones that lead us to feel something and then act upon it. The stories we tell ourselves make us feel a certain way. There are, however, more ways to tell the story, which may make us feel happier, more satisfied and fulfilled. So why not take this time to use the holidays to help us do it?

Elul, a period of repentance and self-reflection, is a good time to observe some of these patterns and thoughts and prepare a new action plan for the upcoming year. Let's use the two days of Rosh Hashana to really ask our soul, our creator, to define our goals.

Rosh Hashana is not just a tradition, family, and food - all of which are important - it's deeper and meaningful as much as you'll allow it!

May we all grow to the next level, the bigger and more accurate versions of ourselves and manifest our deepest desires.

Shana tova u metuka - Happy new year!

Heal it!


By: Hillit Nagel Hermon

Hillit Nagel Hermon is a life coach, group facilitator, worked internationally and has studied Kabbalah & other wisdoms for almost 2 decades.

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