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Midburn Series Part 3 / What I Learned about People

In case you missed the beginning of my Midburn Series, check out Part 1 on why I go to Midburn and what I've learned about life, and Part 2's lessons from the desert.

We've been through body, through brain and now, I explore lessons I learned, specific to people and processes we go through in our most raw and radical form.

1. Energy is Chaotic

There are so many kinds of energies in the world, each human radiating their very own brand. When we are unfamiliar or disconnected with our own energy, we may find ourselves becoming attached or picked up by the surrounding energies – following the crowd, being peer pressured to do, say, think things we do not particularly agree with or want. This means we are unaligned and uncertain of where we ourselves need or want to be.

When we learn to connect and manage our own energy, we begin to source our own stability and security. With thousands of energetically joyous beings surrounding me in the desert, in the city, and life in general - I realized how overwhelmed by energy I felt.

I found that I needed moments of solitude and silence to reconnect and tune in to my own energy, so as to avoid getting caught up - and so I could truly honor my intuition. I loved being around people and such an influx of powerful energy - but I also needed my escape, my space and the silence to find my center. Then I would better be able to manage the energetic chaos which surrounded me with every soul.

Takeaway: Managing your energy is just as crucial as managing your time, goals, and bank account. Be aware of how much other’s energy influences your own. Be around people who raise your energy, not with those who may deplete it. Be observant of your own energy, and how you might feel connected or disconnect to certain people, ideas or things based on external and internal influences in your current situation.

2. Taking VS Allowing

I attended a Tantra 101 workshop, which forced me completely out of my comfort zone – and also to learn some serious lessons about myself, my boundaries, consent and more. One concept which was provoked was the question - do you live life as a prey or predator? A prey is someone who lives life as they do, focusing on their own survival, unaware of their surroundings, allowing life to occur. A predator is the opposite – completely aware of its surroundings and prepared to take after exactly what it wants.

Are you a prey or a predator? Do you allow yourself both options? I realized that I’ve allowed myself to be a prey for most of my life – like most women I think. Waiting for a man to initiate, to come after me, to attack – all the while – not allowing myself to make decisions for myself, not allowing myself to choose who and what I want, not going after my desires – simply allowing what comes my way to keep coming my way.

Takeaway: Play around with acting like a prey or predator. Actively choose which you are and then be okay either being reactive or proactive in a situation. Note to self: Just try being a predator. RAWR.

3. Yes and No are our most powerful words.

We live in a great wide world with a billion opportunities every day. Midburn is a feast of delightful fun around every corner. Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions or feel content because there is SO MUCH life to live, and we often allow ourselves to be overstimulated.

At Midburn #2, I sprained my ankle on Day 2, dancing in the desert city street at sunset in the dust. I was hoping the pain would go away, but it only got worse. I was left to journey a long ways alone loaded with pain limping along the playa – and all I wanted was someone to walk beside me, so I could focus on anything besides the pain - and have a helping hand. It was a long and tiring walk, both emotionally and physically. I was bashing myself for most if it. "I’m an idiot. How could this happen? Well, because I was having the time of my life dancing freely in the dust at sunset. "That’s awesome, but you’re still an idiot."

Also, why was it so hard for me to ask for a helping hand? I didn’t want to impose or take something from someone. I was painfully getting closer and closer to home, and out of nowhere, a beautiful angel pops up and asks if I need anything. Without thinking, my immediate response was “No, thank you.” It had just come out of me. NOOO, I didn’t mean it - YESSSS I needed help - come back beautiful angel! I had just spent 20 minutes mind begging for someone to ask me this question – and now I was denying myself the help I needed? WTF.

Yes and no are two of the most powerful words in existence. How often do we say no to ourselves in order to say yes to someone else, or to avoid feeling weak, or needing help? How often do we say yes to ourselves and choose to be our own priorities instead of putting so many others ahead of us?

Why do we do often say no to ourselves and yes to everyone else? When will this change? And when it does, how much better will life be?

Takeaway: Pause to explore which word pops up naturally for you in various situations. When you feel one automatically slipping from your tongue, take a pause and reevaluate if that’s what you truly want.

4. The Feminine is on the rise.

Powerful things happen when women unite in a safe space. Our bodies say so. It’s no joke when women from all over the world gather in one space and all of a sudden we start bleeding together. For you who may not understand, this means that our bodies actually sync up and we begin menstruating at the same time. Not a coincidence. That’s some powerful ish.

While there is no doubt that women gathering creates extraordinary waves of energy throughout the Earth, when I mention the feminine, I don’t just mean women. Our Red Tent was created as a space for ALL HUMANS to connect with their feminine energies, their softer side, a space to feel and connect with yourself as a nurturer in a warm womb of comfort and connection. Dozens of women contributed to creating this sacred magical space, and hundreds of men graced our space with their presence, with a kind and open spirit, willing to connect, communicate and explore their less accessed sides.

Everyone who left the Red Tent was running on sacred energy, vibing off of the others deep soul sisterhood and brotherhood. Everyone who touched the Red Tent was nourished by its nurturing, warm, safe, grounded and connected comfort.

Takeaway: Creating a safe space of warmth, depth and allowance opens minds, hearts and souls to healing.

5. There’s one more lesson on this homefront, and after all my women empowerment jazz, I feel this one deserves it’s own article. Wait for our next read on our last lesson in the Midburn series: Men are Good...

If you’re interested in learning more about Midburn and what goes down, feel free to ask. Whether you choose to explore it or not, I invite you to read more about the 10 principles which started it all - and to try and practice them more in your daily life too.

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