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Inner Dance: An Epic Dance Battle Between Mind and Body

As I slowly start to unpeel, layer by layer by layer, I begin to unravel into myself.

My. Self.

In my belief, there are three parts of my self- and all humans for that matter.

1. Who we think we should be.

2. Who we are born to be.

3. Who we choose to be.

My self is a combination of all three, at any given moment on any given day. The key is to find the right balance between all. Why? Because as life rolls on and I understand how valuable my experiences are, moment to moment, it’s up to me to choose to step towards taking control of exactly the me I want to be.

Along that journey, I’m exploring, adventuring and discovering all kinds of beneficial tools and supportive people who help bring those deep, dark layers into a new light. From the scientific to the spiritual, and all in between, I had a recent experience which provided me with an expansive shift - and a new perspective into the me I want to be.

A New Tool For You

A couple weeks ago, I saw a post from Maxine Anders Isaacs, an amazing woman who is the Founder of Helping Hands Therapies. She is a genuine, kind & intuitive soul and I love all of her healing work, from breathe work to acupuncture to her mini-course called Breathe & Receive. Now, she was offering an Inner Dance class.

I had no clue what it meant, but for some reason, I knew I needed it. Everything Maxine does reaches the inner most core of the self, on a basic physiological level. She uses tools which speak directly to your body, and help release all of the energy and tension you may or may not realize it stores.

Whatever layer this Inner Dance ish was going to release, I was so effin' ready for it.

I was going through a huge transformation, just like the rest of the world. After that excruciating election, a healthy dose of heartbreak, and being booted from my apartment and needed to move AGAIN, I needed something to help me climb out of this hellhole I kept sliding back into.

When The Mind Vs Body Rave Began

I arrived to the class like I arrive to every first date – with absolutely no expectations. It was a cozy and intimate setting at the Kundalini Yoga Center in Tel Aviv. While Maxine’s greeting was warm and gracious, I experienced a sense of ‘WTF did I just get myself into?’

As Max began to prepare us and "welcome us into our journey into the unknown," I felt the fear rising in me. BUT I was ready to face it – head on, heart in. I needed to soak up every bit of this unique experience, for me, and I needed to let it go and let it flow.

And with that, we began. As Maxine worked the room, she danced with our energies and used her experience and intuition to provide support for each individual. Maybe because of my extreme need or willingness to let it all f*cking go, my entire experience was super intense.

I trusted my body to do what she needed to do. I connected with the deepest part of my self and the end result was energetic waves pulsing through every one of my atoms both with deep pain and deep gratitude. I felt aligned. I felt rooted. I felt connected. I felt open and strong. And I felt an intimate love for my self which I can't say I ever experienced before.

So WTF is Inner Dance?

It’s not a dance class. It's more like a dance battle between your mind and your body. Your mind is so used to reigning in control, but your body also needs to have its say. By accepting your body’s intuitive need to do whatever it does, the energy which you’ve been storing in all your deep dark places is released.

Okay, do you need the science? It’s a sound healing experience which uses various kinds of music to connect to your brain waves and open your body’s special spots, or your chakras. By wrapping yourself into this musical safe zone, it allows your physical body to enter an elevated state of flow – so long as your mind doesn’t interfere too much.

Thanks to every second of flow and connection in that Inner Dance session, I have become more of the me I choose to be. I can’t say it was the rosiest experience. But – out of darkness comes light, and since my session, I’ve been able to shine brighter, and feel more connected to my self, than I did before.

For anyone who is ready to explore a new side of the real you - I encourage you to embrace your inner dance and let your inner body rave, or do whatever it is she wants to do. My only true recommendation, go with no expectations and allow yourself the chance to honor your own experience.

For more info, check out Inner Dance or get in touch with Maxine here or here.

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