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4 Reminders About Love To Boost Your Valentine's Day

So February 14th is here and like it or not, the city turns pink and we are surrounded by couples in love, roses and heart balloons. If you are feeling a little on the outside because you are single or because you just don’t like this day that much, what are you going to do?

First thing is to remember that despite all of the commercial issues, it’s simply a day to remind us to LOVE: to give and receive love and to allow ourselves to express love in so many different ways. But the most important thing to have on mind, is that is a day to celebrate that We, You and I, love.

So, how do we love? How do we express our love to others and especially to ourselves? Most importantly, how can we connect to love, whether in a relationship or single?

If you take a moment and start to think about love, maybe the first thing that will come to your mind will be hearts. And yes! Hearts are the main symbol of Love. Why? Because the beating of our heart keeps us alive, like love bring us energy, enthusiasm, faith and more! Because our heart kind of turns us on when we do what we love, when we meet that person we love, because we feel stronger, more confident and more alive! The thing is, that we are missing so much of it because of our very narrow views.

So, here are 4 things to keep in mind to give you a bigger and richer perspective about love today, and every day.

1. Love is related to your capacity to express feelings

Love-heart-emotions. How to love myself? is a frequent question that I get. To love yourself and love others is basically allowing yourself to feel, connecting with those feelings, identifying them, and finding a creative way to express them.

2. Love is about compassion.

The deal here is that it’s easier to connect with this towards others as opposed to feeling it for ourselves. But what is compassion after all? Compassion is forgiving ourselves, releasing all the guilt and judgments and accepting who we are right now, in this moment of our life. Compassion is allowing ourselves to make mistakes. Compassion is about to give us a hug even we “don’t deserve it”.

3. Love is all about you.

Whether you see a couple kissing or how a mama bird feeds her baby, it has nothing to do with them – but how you interpret that as love. We could say that Love starts with you and your way of living and vision of life and the world. Love starts in the way you look at things, people and situations. Love is not “there”, outside of you, but inside all over your cells. So, we can say that part of feeling loved is up to you!

4. Love is openness.

Being open to possibilities and opportunities. And yes, maybe you got hurt in the past and yes, maybe you were open and something sad happened. The thing is that when you close up to protect yourself because you don’t want to get hurt, you also are closing up to the amazing things that you deserve and life is ready to give you.

When we close our body, our emotions, our love life, we are declaring that we “don’t want to receive anything” and so, everything will stay the same (thanks to fear and insecurities).

So how do you open yourself to love again? First step: come back to your body and breath into your belly, slow and deep, take the focus to your feet, and start to walk again, literally.

Much love,

Catalina Dash

Catalina Dash is a women’s Psychologist, Coach and Yoga Teacher living in Israel. She has been working since 2007 with women all around the world, inspiring and helping them to awaken their beauty, joy, pleasure and happiness, getting the life and relationships they want and deserve.

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