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How Winter Can Make You A Better Lover

WINTER IS COMING. It’s official when we start to change our closet, exchanging dresses and shorts for sweaters and scarves. Though we’re forced to change our outerwear, it’s rare we take a moment to focus on how we can change internally to prepare our psyche for the cold and wintery season.

What do I mean by this?

Winter time, symbolically and archetypically, brings the cold. The shift usually makes us feel isolated, lonely, tired, hopeless, and also plays a part in our social interest, or lack there of. The colder it gets, the more we prefer to hibernate, staying warm at home instead of going out to see friends. Sound familiar?

Because winter can be rough for everyone, especially singles, I want to share a few ways to make your love blossom, instead of hibernate, for this winter season.

It's natural for us ladies to get negative thoughts and feelings during sweater season. We feel low energy and cold, and our bodies agree with us by increasing our emotional and body tension.


The largest lesson is taken from nature, and here's why. Every winter without a doubt, Miss Mother Earth brings all of her energy inwards. The trees stop showing their leaves and flowers, and though they may look bare in our eyes, they are just retreating inwards with the aim of strengthening their roots.

Much more wise than most humans in the self care department, a tree knows she must take of herself so that she can create a better future for herself. She understands winter is the time to focus attention and resources on herself so that in the spring, she will be able to fully shine.

You deserve to live the life you want today. Here are 4 suggestions which will fill you, and your winter, with more joy, happiness and gratitude, day by day.

4 Ways to Warm Your Soul This Winter

1. Write what you love about you. Write a list with at least 4 virtues or abilities that you have. I recommend talking to the people you trust, friends and family, so they can help to see your bright side in case you can’t. It’s the perfect chance to meet them for a hot drink or maybe even a pajama party :)

2. Make a collage about your dreams. Inspire yourself to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Include a nice summery picture to look at whenever the thought of “I’m so sick of winter” creeps into your head – it will remind you of the higher cycle which gives us wisdom to grow as people and as lovers.

3. Make a gratitude list about the things that you have instead of focusing on the ones that you don’t. Think about 3 things every night to say thank you.

4. Learn a new craft or a new language. Take up sewing or French. Study something that you may have been postponing because you’d rather be on the beach. Winter is the perfect time to focus in a new skill.

Nature knows all. Let’s learn from her, and use winter time to bring it in – to take care of ourselves, turn our attention inwards and strengthen our roots – all with the intention of becoming a better lover, towards ourselves and everyone else.

Much love to you all,

Catalina Dash

Catalina Dash is a certified Psychologist, Coach and Yoga Teacher living in Israel. She is been working since 2007 with women all around the world, inspiring and helping them to awaken their beauty, joy, pleasure and happiness, getting the life and relationships they want and deserve.

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