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5 Ways Being Bold Will Better Your Life

Being assertive is a self-assured and confident quality that happens to come with many benefits. If you do not consider yourself to be an assertive individual, no need to worry! It is a trait that can be learned and with practice can be shaped into your personality.

Why is this characteristic so beneficial?

The following are some advantages of displaying assertion in our daily lives. It means you:

1. Stand up for yourself

Being assertive allows you to stand up for what you believe in. If you feel that someone has crossed a personal boundary or hurt you in anyway, showing assertion means you can voice your opinion in an effective way. Further, you are able to get your point across and stand your ground, while remaining respectful.

2. Don’t let others take advantage

As a result of standing up for what you believe in, you protect yourself from being taken advantage of. For those who have more of a passive personality and tend to want to avoid possible conflict in life, this can result in others taking advantage or repeating unfair behaviors.

3. Boost Self-Confidence

People who are the assertive type tend to have higher self-esteem because they practice confidence and self-worth through their life experiences.

4. Earn Respect

By being confident and standing up for yourself, in return you earn respect from others.

5. Get what you want

Those who are more assertive tend to go for what they want in life, without second guessing themselves. They are more willing to take risks and rely on their confidence to get through challenging times.

TAKE ACTION NOW // How can you become more of an assertive person?

1. Express your needs and feelings

When faced with a situation where you feel you have been wronged or hurt in any way, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. Practice communicating to others how you feel and don’t be fearful of possible conflict or what the other person may think.

2. Learn to say no

Some people are scared to respond with “no.” For fear of hurting the other person or causing conflict, they play the agreeable role. However, never having an opinion of your own can result in negative consequences. If you genuinely disagree, don’t be ashamed to say so! Setting healthy limits and boundaries in relationships is necessary for stability and growth.

3. Go for what you want

Every person who goes after something or someone they want faces the possibility of rejection. However, if we live in constant fear, than we miss out on many great opportunities. Try not to harp on the possible negative outcomes and if you truly want something in life, go for it!

Each personality is different but some traits can be universally beneficial. People with assertive personalities tend to have higher self-efficacy and achieve more goals due to their willingness to take risks.

Life is all about learning and growing. It is never too late to improve ourselves and practice positive traits that will help us to flourish as individuals.


Cara Jay

Tel Aviv, Israel

Loves: Family, Friends, Weekends, and Chocolate

Cara Paley, M.S. is a Relationship Coach and Motivational Speaker. Get in touch with her on Facebook or through her website here.

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