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3 Simple Ways to Become More Mindful

Ready to learn the basics of mindfulness? Check this out if you need a starter, and see below for the first 3 Take Action items to begin developing your awareness & your life.

1. Become aware of THIS moment

The first step in being able to appreciate this moment is a little breathing exercise you'll see below. Yea yea, we know- you’re schooled in breathing…hell, you’ve done it literally all your life! BUT seriously. If you focus on this tiny task, it’s the baby step that will help you reach the next level of the life you want. It will help you focus on YOU.

1. Sit in a chair, begin focusing on your breathing in and out, and become aware of the sensations in your body. Notice your feet on the ground, your butt on the chair, etc.

2. Breathe in deeply through your nose, and out through your mouth. The louder you breathe (and the more awkward you feel), the better.

3. Notice the way your body feels with each inhale and exhale. Don't judge anything or put yourself down - just NOTICE.

4. Continue breathing normally and focus on your breathe. Count each breathe (inhale is 1; exhale is 2) 5 times.

But really, I KNOW HOW TO BREATHE...

You’ll see a lot about breathing when it comes to learning mindfulness. The reason? Being able to focus on your breathe can open up so many new passages (pun intended). Here's why:

A. It develops your abilities to keep calm during stressful situations

B. It allows you to take a step back and see the big picture when a decision needs to be made

C. It helps you sleep when your mind is racing as fast as a group of college students drinks at an open bar.

2. Stop going through the motions

Wake up. Check phone. Pee. Check phone. Brush teeth. Check phone. Spend too much time choosing an outfit. Check phone. You get it yet? We spend so much of our lives making the moves but not necessarily going anywhere. Why? Because we’re so used to the daily grind and getting through the days that we’re not taking the time to think properly about where we want to be in months & years. And even if we think about it, how often do you take action to actually MAKE MOVES?

We’re all busy – you, me, the mom, the dad, the teacher, the food server, the banker, the student, and of course the 20 or 30 something trying to figure it all out. But we should all make time for what is really important in our lives. And it’s time to realize that starts with YOU.

What you need to ask yourself now is these 2 questions – 1. Are you growing as a person? 2. Are you creating opportunities for yourself to change your life in a positive way? Whether you’re thinking yes, no, or maaaaaaaybe?, there are always things you can do to improve your outlook, and set your own path to the life you want.

Other Qs to Ask Yourself: Are you pursuing the things you want? Are you connecting with people on an honest level? Are you making things happen for yourself? Do you feel your best? Are you continually learning and growing? These questions lead to our next baby step…

3. Accept where you are without judging yourself

We’re not trying to sound hippie dippie, but NOW is the time to take ‘you time’ to think about where you are in your life – with your family, your passion, your career, your social circle, your habits, etc, and if you feel good about the path you’re on. Be honest with yourself, and no matter what thoughts arise, don’t judge them. Just become aware of them and acknowledge your own spectacularly intuitive brain waves. Be okay with where you are, and if you're not - commit to yourself to make a change.

Accept them for what they are, and think about how you want to move forward. Do you want to grow and develop as a person? Do you want to create opportunities for yourself? If you answered yes, then WOO! You’ve just officially become mindful that you want to make a change for the better, and take control of your life. The next step is taking action to make it happen- are you ready for it?

SO have we gotten into your minds? Or better yet, have YOU?

Feel free to message us with your thoughts, questions, ideas and we’ll get back to you with ours!

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