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How a Little Creativity Goes a Long Way for Your Health

A Different Spin on Art & Health

Bare with me sisters … this may get deep. I would like to share a health secret about being creative and why it’s so good for you on cellular level (no jokes).

Ever heard of the word sublimation? Well, an awesome WOMAN and pioneer of art therapy, Edith Kramer developed the term and I want to tell you about it.

You see, it’s a well-known psychological phenomenon that we all have almost “animalistic” urges. These urges are mostly subconscious and are often sexual, violent or aggressive in nature.

Having egos and following societal rules, we tend to suppress these urges (and rightly so!) These suppressed feelings and urges are not very good for our bodies to hold on to, and some believe that illness is caused this way. So what’s the answer, and how do we get these urges out in a way the ego and our society can handle them appropriately?

The Answer

Well one of these ways is through making art. Through creativity and expressing our subconscious matter with the various art materials, we can rid ourselves of these urges. This process is called Sublimation and is guaranteed to make you feel better.

Take Action Now

Take an A3 piece of paper, a box of crayons or oil pastel and start to draw. It doesn’t have to be anything specific but just create for the sake of creating. Nothing needs to be perfect - it just needs to be YOU! Experiment with the moment of the lines, use colors you are attracted to. Play, doodle, and get it all out! Guaranteed to make you feel good :)

If you need a touch of inspiration, watch this:



Natasha is from Sunny South Africa and living in Israel. “ Art is my Life and my Life is Art.” I love making art, seeing art, and inspiring others to get creative. And I love basically everything that is good and beautiful in this world.

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