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A Call to Connect Your Mind and Body

Since a very young age I have been fascinated and interested in the relationship between our mind and body.

This relationship has since been a constant part of my own life and these days of my professional life as well. Since I have learned to be in tune with my mind and body my overall health and wellbeing went up tremendously. If my mind doesn’t notice that I should slow down I know that my stomach area does. When I am stressed or worried I suffer from digestive issues and know that it is my self telling me: ‘Sarah, slow down. Take some time for yourself and relax.’


We live in a society that has the tendency to separate; we separate our mind from our body, our thoughts from our actions. Emotionally and mentally, we are then trying to compensate this separation by looking for completion outside of us through friends, partners, a certain weight, car, or piece of clothing. As long as we look for completion outside of us we will suffer, lack self trust and self love and will not be able to achieve optimum health. A lack of self-love and self trust leads to lower emotional well-being and in turn lower physical well- being.

Many do the same with physical issues. Conventional physicians treat bodily reactions merely with a physical approach, disregarding that it might be a physical symptom with its core to be found in the mind.

During my studies I was specifically confronted with psychosomatic responses, which are physical reactions influenced by emotional factors. I studied psychology, specializing in trauma. In trauma one can often find physical symptoms after mental experiences. The answer to why a person who was severely traumatized mentally, loses his eyesight without any medical reason for it clearly is because his body reacts to his emotional experience.


Our mind and body are immediately connected. Our thoughts and emotions influence our body and our physiological state of being influences our mind. Hence, complete health can only be achieved by acknowledging this bi- directional communication.

Thankfully our society is becoming more and more aware of the inter- relation between mind and body. Studies are being conducted proving this link and many individuals these days turn to integral health practitioners. We have amazing tools allowing us to turn inside and get in touch with ourselves, working towards optimum mental and physical health.

I would like to invite you to reflect on the inter- relation between mind and body and see whether you might be able to solve some of your issues by doing so. Being aware of this connection is a powerful tool, it suggests that: you can enhance your physical well being by working on your thoughts and feelings and you can improve your mental well- being, your level of happiness, by working on your physical health.




Loves laughing, food, and the sea Sarah is the owner of Flux, a center in Tel Aviv providing holistic lifestyle services integrating mind & body through positive psychology, nutrition, and yoga.

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