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27 Reasons to Appreciate Life Right Now

Hello sweet face & welcome to the School of Shine!

We’ve almost made it to 2015, and to be honest, we thought life would be more figured out by now. What seemed like ages ago, we imagined 2015 as a place where humans wore shiny spacesuit onesies (Britney doesn't count) and soared round on flying discs while making robot dogs do our housework. Maybe it’s still a distant dream, but for now, we're pretty grateful that we live in this world, and don’t have to worry about getting speeding tickets on flying objects just yet.

For now, we’re happy to focus on what we DO have, and our blog will focus on the 12 values we believe every good woman should practice daily.

One of the most important values across the board is gratitude. We’re lucky to be able to share the following fabulous list of 27 Reasons to Appreciate Life Right Now as we enter a brand new year. Your NYE hangover isn't on there, but hey, at least you survived another year!

With love & shine,

Team SOS

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