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The Secret of the Real 'You'


Life without following rituals would be just like a food without salt, a book without content or a painting without colors. By saying this I didn’t mean one needs to follow a number of rituals in a day or at some particular period of a year to make life lively. The ritual might be a one single task which hardly takes five minutes out of the 24 hours of your day. But doing it persistently would change your inner self and life drastically.


Do you pray every day? I do not believe in rituals performed for praying God. Although I used to follow a single step guided by my spiritual master, to sit 10 minutes with myself and connect with Almighty every day. But for last few months; due to the relocation of my family, I didn’t take the little time to sit by myself. To my surprise I got agitated and frustrated very soon.

But there is an amazing Power to those 10 minutes you can spare to pray and talk to God. If you follow this ritual; you must have surely experienced its magical effects.


This minor ritual practiced each and every day creates a major change in our conduct and life. It simply needs to be completed with dedication and zest. Indeed, you might wonder the difference created by these smallest task or rituals. That very task can be kissing cheeks of your baby before leaving him/her for school. Oh! I know this is not a task but in today’s busy life we parents, ought to forget these gestures that can make a better day for the baby.

So, in today’s techie world make sure to pass on the message of love through real acts and gestures. And not just by showing hashtags, symbols, smiles and gif’s on mobile screens. Someone rightly said, “We humans were free when phones were tied”.


Life and work are all connected. If I put things in order, my life will be organized by itself. It hardly takes five minutes to wrap up any task – making your bed after you sleep, a dump after eat and putting things in order after your job is done. But once you wrap up, you are contented with your work and have more energy. Also, it gives the positive vibes to continue with the work again and again.

I had heard a saying in childhood: “If you sleep with your book open, your knowledge will vanish away.’’ And now I realize that this saying indirectly fits everywhere, even though it seems witty.

Hence I take this as a ritual for each and every task that I do.

Well! These are the rituals which I follow and the secrets of my spirituality, honesty, loyalty, art and creativity. Rituals are not just the procedure or order of religious acts, but they are the roots that can transform life to hell or heaven. Do keep a check on your rituals as they need to be changed depending on time, age and aura of your living.


By: Ashna Chand

Ashna is an aspiring writer, who wishes to make a difference through her writing. She believes that words have the power to connect hearts, to heal people, to strengthen the weak, and to take you to the world of your dreams. She describes herself as an open book: read her work and know her better. Ashna’s work can be found on her WordPress site, her blogspot, Short Fiction Break, LinkedIn, and right here on School of Shine.

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