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An Independent State

The Revolution did not signal itself with a bang. There were no flashing lights or speakers announcing its presence. It snuck up from behind, a mischievous creature crawling along the floor ready to launch but calculating its every move.

The Revolution occurred in the shadows, in infinitesimal passing moments, in experiments in who I wanted to be and how I would get there. I have arrived, flag in hand and a card-carrying member of the new party won through years of hard self-work.

January marks four years in Israel - four, at times, excruciating and exhilarating years.

Years of love, for myself and others romantic and otherwise. Years of pain, physically navigating hospitals more than once and teary-eyed coffee shop sessions traversing life changes and fears. Years of hope, never giving in to fears or self-doubt that pray on the cracks in the façade.

These years have passed without much more than a peep, a checkmark on the calendar and a nod to the heavens. But over the course of this time, I have grown into myself.

I have learned how to stand up for my needs, and how-to self-advocate in the workplace, the street, and relationships. I’ve tackled fitness challenges and goals head on, running multiple races and acquiring new skills on the water and the wall that continually encourage me to acknowledge my strength.

Embracing new spaces and faces can be difficult and on occasion, I’ve tripped- said the wrong thing, made the wrong move, trusted the wrong people - but each misstep has propelled me towards self-reliance and for that I am grateful.

The revolution is a personal one. And although many have been participants in the battles over the years, only I’ve been truly affected by the change in regime. I’m thankful for the foot soldiers who’ve given it their all alongside me and know that without out them I wouldn’t have the independent state of Tamara today.


By: Tamara Raynor-Cote

Originally from the Canadian Prairies, Tamara now calls Tel Aviv home and finds her peace beside the sea. An avid reader and poetry lover Tamara always carries a journal with her---- because you never know when inspiration will strike. She loves pushing her physical boundaries and recently bought a skateboard just for the challenge!

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