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Curiosity Achieved the Goal

Do you remember what were you curious about as a child?

‘’A child is curious to know and experience everything and anything. We always wish to go back in our childhood and enjoy life to the fullest.’’

I was curious about cooking during my childhood. I always use to play with kitchen toys and made delicious, but artificial food, with tiny utensils. My mother says she was fed up with my queries on cooking.

No doubt, I still enjoy doing it.

What really keeps me excited nowadays is trying new recipes. If I cook the same dish with same taste repeatedly, people, and I, won’t enjoy it. Despite a dish’s perfect taste, there is a saturation point for everyone. People need variety and the cook needs curiosity. No matter what you do, keep your mind open to learn!

Curiosity can be a perfect ingredient for reaching any of life’s goals. Do you have a goal? Get curious about it. You will be surprised with your extra motivation. I liked drawing in my school days, but I never knew there was an artist hidden inside of me. Everyone who saw my drawings told me I should get a degree in arts!

One day, I saw my friend’s beautiful sketch. I loved it so much that I wanted to copy her. And to my surprise I could make the same thing! It was my curiosity for sketching that helped me reach my goal.

Although, I don’t have any arts degree I consider myself an artist and dream to showcase my drawings one day.

Most of us don’t have jobs that line up exactly with our passions. However, if you cultivate your skills and hobbies, you might find them useful in your career later on. People who are multi-talented are always in high demand.

Are you aware of your various talents? We women are all multi-talented: love, care, and share them! Don’t let your dreams just be dreams, get curious, and act on them.

Here are some tips I use to keep my curiosity active:

  • A new day calls for a new question. What do you want to know? Go and find the answer.

  • Visualize your goals every day and figure out the baby steps to achieve them.

  • Persistence is key.

  • Variation, keep in mind there is always a new way to do the same act.

  • Never assume that you reached perfection.

  • Be curious, be zestful, and enjoy life.


By: Ashna Chand

Location - Ahmedabad

Hello all! I am a growing writer, a home maker and a mother of a two-year-old from Ahmedabad. I believe, words connect hearts and through my words I wish to have a tiny place in loving hearts of my readers. I am an open book for my readers. Read my words and know me better. I love to pray, draw and write :)


P.S. here are a couple of Ashna's sketches:

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