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A Poem // Love With Sprinkles On Top

Love is a bear hug when it’s needed the most

It’s your proudest of moments and a friend that will boast

Love is a white cloud floating by in the sky

A rainbow, a puddle, a long kiss goodbye

Love is a bed readymade in the morn

Love is the second a baby is born

Love is convenient except when it’s not

It’s about feeling each moment, and then the whole lot

Love is a sundae with sprinkles on top

Getting home from the day and sitting down with a plop

Love is a cup full of steaming mint tea

One for you and for you, and another for me

Love is a visit when you’re feeling down

A friend who knows just how to turn round your frown

Love is for you, just as much as for me

Love is the chance to completely feel free

It's love for yourself that we’re talking about

That’s the number one step, there just isn’t a doubt

Because here’s the deal, love is good for your health

So long as you love every part of yourself

The largest experience in all of our lives

Each moment we feel it, it simply revives

By touching our mind, heart body and soul,

Experiencing love can make us feel whole.

So here is the moral - Listen up darling you

Love just who you are and all that you do

Listen in to your heart and don’t spin in your head

Love is felt, sensed and tickled – always worth being spread.

Tell yourself exactly what it is you feel –

I am beautiful I am strong I am everything real

I am truly important; I must take care of me

I know it’s the only way I can ever be free

Rhymed by Zo Flamenbaum

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