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How Group Fitness Classes Will Change Your Workout Game

Social Sweat!

Working out definitely has its benefits. From being in great physical shape to warding off chronic diseases to improved mental health- there are so many reasons to move your buns. But sometimes it’s not that easy. We often say we will go to the gym, but end up making other plans or finding excuses. Or we try it for a while and quit.

Did you know that one of the most common reasons for quitting an exercise routine is boredom? Yep!

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, simply spicing up your routine by trying out a variety of classes keeps you motivated. Group exercise classes are a great way to stay on a workout schedule and hold yourself accountable to show up. Classes also keep you focused and because of the social atmosphere and accountability created among your peers, you keep coming back for more.

Don’t want to try a new class alone? Bring a friend! Various studies have compared exercising alone to working out with a friend and found that when you are sweating together this actually increases the intensity of the exercise session and helps keep you going for longer periods of time. Furthermore, if you attend the same classes regularly you will find that there are plenty of others who do, too. Seeing familiar faces can help you strike up conversations.

Science aside, in my personal experience, I have met some of my good friends at fitness classes around the city. Friends at the gym not only have something already in common with you, but they can be motivating and cheer you on to work harder. Moreover, once you find a class you love, you may find yourself recruiting more of your friends to come try it out too.

Here are some of my favorite fitness classes that have a great social aspect to them or are perfect for bringing along a workout buddy.

Heated Power Yoga

Stretch and sweat? It’s one of the best combos out there. Flowing through sequences and opening up your heart, hips and senses all in a heated environment. You ring out the toxins through deep twists and bends and leave feeling relaxed and cleansed. You definitely work up an appetite so making healthy brunch plans with your yogi friend is an ideal post-sweat date.

Indoor Cycling/Spin

Spin classes can be super fun in a cool, dark room with the music thumping and the dance party on a bike atmosphere kicked into high gear. Everyone is riding in a pack together and some cycle studios track your output and allow you to compete with fellow riders. This type of friendly competition allows you to push yourself harder than you would when working out alone, resulting in a much better sweat!


Think about taking whatever is on your mind or weighing you down and channeling all that aggression and energy at a heavy bag. Throwing on some gloves and literally knocking the stress out of your system while getting a total body-blasting workout is exhilarating. It’s super fun and almost forget you are even working out! Giselle, Kim K, and other celebrities often call this workout their secret weapon to staying fit and fabulous.

So pick some classes at your local gym or nearby studios that sound fun and make a schedule for a few that you want to try this week. Bring a friend or two and you will be glad you did. Happy sweating!




Indoor cycling instructor, fitness fanatic and lover of superfood smoothies

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