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6 Reasonable Risks to Start Taking Today

THE COMFORT ZONE – the most comfortable place in the world, where security and confidence runs free, fa la la. The good kind means spooning our pillows in bed on a rainy day. The bad kind means going through the motions of life without enjoying the day to day (& pretending doesn’t count). Our world moves at super speed, so it’s necessary we stop to think about the path we are on, if it’s what we want, and if we’re spending our days genuinely fulfilled and happy.

You’ll know you are in the comfort zone if you are wondering right now if you are in the comfort zone. Stuck in a job that doesn’t challenge you? In a relationship that no longer makes you happy? On the couch watching TV, playing on your phone, letting the hours slip by before bedtime?

It’s natural to want familiarity, and it’s okay! We all desire comfort. The trick is – being aware that there is more to life than routine, and being brave enough to face what’s outside the zone – learning new things about ourselves, a world of opportunity, and ultimately, shaking life up a bit!

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As we get older, the clock seems to tick faster, so it’s crucial to start taking risks today! It’s time we realize our true potential and blossom into the strong and sumptuous creatures we are – and taking risks is how we do it. Sure, this zone of comfort is where risk goes to shrivel up like Ursula’s poor unfortunate souls – but step 1 doesn’t need to be a skydive – just a toe across the line is a great start.

Risk is defined as intentional interaction with uncertainty. It is the exact opposite of our comfort zone. Risk doesn’t need to be as extreme as investing money, wearing 4 inch stilettos, or quitting our job to pursue a passion. It can be as simple as giving someone our number, clicking into an article, or wearing a new hairstyle. All levels of risk are available, and to each her own threshold.

While getting comfortable is cool, it’s a way to allow ourselves to avoid failure. Okay, sometimes it boils down to laziness, but the real beef with risk is fear. Humans naturally fear the unknown – this is normal. But taking any type of risk is the right way to develop our strengths, creativity, and overall self. At the end of the day, trying and failing is better than fearing and avoiding.

Whether you consider yourself a risk taker, heart breaker, or soul shaker, here are 6 perfectly reasonable risks to start taking today – that will lead you to a more productive, healthy and happy life.

1. Say hi

Catch eyes with someone who intrigues you? See someone everyday that you’d like to speak to? Just say hi. Starting conversation opens up a world of connection, and always seems to be the perfect pick up line.

2. Learn something new

What would you love to know how to do? Cook? Spin pottery? Spin around poles? Whatever it is, sign up for a class. There are also loads of free online classes from respected universities. Check out edX or Coursera, and commit a couple hours a week to learning something you’ve always wanted to.

3. Spend the day with yourself

Nooo, outside, you vixens you :) Go to brunch, the park, a movie- do something by yourself. Give yourself time to think and enjoy your own company.

4. Be yourself

Stop trying to look so cool in front of other people. Being yourself is much more fun. How did we all start wanting to be someone else anyway?

5. Be financially aggressive

The only way women will get paid equal salaries is if we start asking for them. Did you know that 78% of men ask for higher salary on hire (and get it), as opposed to only 29% of women. I mean…what? (Need tips on what to say? Email us.)

6. Have compassion

It’s a rough world, and even the people you think have it easy most likely don’t. Be kind to every human. We all live in this one. crazy. world.

Do you consider yourself a risk taker? What was the last risk you took? Which of these 6 reasonable risks will you take?

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