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My ‘’Role Models’’ Made My Stars

“Since holding my finger to teach me walking, till guiding me through the hard-won challenges of life, my Parents are paramount ideals of my life.”

Everyone has a role model in life, whether one reveals it or hides it. It is you who selects any person around you as your role model based on your choices and interests. Yet, it is still a matter of luck; we are fortunate when our role models are good and positive.

Moreover, we need the sort of inspiration they provide not just at a specific age; but throughout our life. At every stage, we do need encouragement and a higher step which we have to reach to.

Role models make our lives adventurous and a perfect treat to enjoy in.

I am very lucky to have my lovely parents, who have been the perfect role models at every stage of my life.

The simple and straight lessons that they give me are being practiced in every day of my life. My parents have set an example of their lives for me and my three siblings. Being a mother now, I realize how difficult it is to be a parent and a role model at the same time.

My Mom is the most beautiful, courageous and strong lady. Her basic lessons have helped me to tide over the countless challenges of life. She always tells me to listen to my heart and be brave. She says never to lie; “truth” is the safest and only road you can walk through. She is very creative and possesses multiple art skills. Mummy’s cooking is simply mouth-watering. And I have to agree I make just a bit of tasty food like hers.

She is bold and has strong will power. She has seen critical times in her life, yet she never allows tough conditions to let her down. She is also hilarious and loves to make others laugh.

The most valuable learning that she has given me is spiritual learning.

Besides other valuable characteristics, praying and knowing the Supreme God is the best quest that both my parents have instilled in me.

I dream to be more and more like her and accept every challenge of life, wearing a smile on my face. Her unconditional love and priceless care have transformed me to be like her.

My father is an awesome gentleman; his confidence and determined nature make special traits to his unique personality. He is a super punctual man and I always have to struggle with myself to adapt his special hallmark of punctuality. He likes perfection in every task. He is very careful about his things and wants them to be in an organized manner. He tells me to learn such good qualities in a very polite way; he never rebukes me for my mistakes.

Being the youngest child of my family I have been immensely loved and pampered. And I always feel my father loves me most among four of his children. (Sorry, but dear sisters and dearest brother don’t be jealous of reading this part :P)

Indeed for parents, all kids are the same and they never differentiate their love among children. Papa also maintains each and every relation with a beautiful manner. He is friendly by nature, and keeps a perfect balance among friends and family. Among his many other qualities, I find this quality difficult to imply in my life. In today’s techie world maintaining relations is a rare quality.

My father wanted to study more, but he got married at an early age because his father told him to do so. In those times they didn’t argue their father, even for such big decisions of life.

Yet, he took this incident in a positive way and fulfilled his desire to study by giving us very good education, which was very uncommon in those times. In our student life, he always inspired us to study further and gave us freedom to choose our careers.

I keenly desire to make the best of his values and principles implanted in me and be like my father, who having so many qualities is a down to earth human.

If I overlook at my life, there are countless weaknesses which I have gradually overcome. My role models have transformed me to be a better human. There is only one way to thank them: it is to be like them and set an example for others. If you are not naturally gifted with speculative skills and qualities, then find your awesome role model and follow their path. Good Luck!


By: Ashna Chand

Ashna is an aspiring writer, who wishes to make a difference through her writing. She believes that words have the power to connect hearts, to heal people, to strengthen the weak, and to take you to the world of your dreams. She describes herself as an open book: read her work and know her better.

Ashna’s work can be found on her WordPress site, her blogspot, Short Fiction Break, LinkedIn, and right here on School of Shine.

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