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Commit or Quit

As a creative individual, I find it difficult to commit to one idea. My mind is constantly being bombarded with thoughts and ideas of creating new business ventures and projects. I remember when I first began customizing charm bracelets. I was experiencing great success, so I decided to expand by adding a t-shirt line to accompany the charms. Things were going well, but I needed more income.

Photo by: Alandria Lloyd

One day I was approached by a friend to become, a licensed life insurance agent. I knew several agents who were very successful and the business was lucrative, so, I decided to go for it. I was also still working my 9-5 as well as a single parent to a teenager.

I became so overwhelmed and stressed with my work load. I was being pulled in several directions and did not know what to do. I was not focused, I lost money due to unanswered order emails, and I began experiencing burn out. I had committed myself in too many projects and had to admit that I could not continue much longer. I knew I had to make a decision.

Writing has always been a passion and I was determined to complete and publish the book I started. I enjoyed creating customized charms because it allowed creative expression as well as stress reduction.

I was not in a position to quit my 9-5 because life as an insurance agent had not replaced my monthly income. However, it was a reality, but I was not focused. I weighed my options and decided to end my career as an insurance agent.

Once I relieved myself from several commitments that I simply was unable to complete, I began to feel much better. The creative juices began to overflow and I completed my book in record time. I learned the hard way that committing oneself to several projects will cause some things to go undone. When we commit ourselves in too many things, we are doing a disservice to ourselves as well as those who are depending on us.

Sometimes you must admit that you are not Superwoman, therefore you are not equipped to save the world. Nor do you have the ability to be in several places at one time. As women, we are born multitaskers. However, it comes to a point when we must commit to the things we know we are called to do; then quit or put an end to something’s others feel we should do.


By: Alandria Lloyd

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