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The Journey Is The Adventure

Any trip can really turn into an eye-opening adventure – they can teach us a thing or two in the end, whether we realize it or not.

I remember making this road trip in India when I was a teenager. We were taking an excursion towards Jaipur, a city in Rajasthan – northern India.

I had the luxury to rent not only a car, but also a driver. Thus, while he was driving the car, my family was sitting and enjoying the ride and the sights around the town.

It was a hot summer afternoon and Rajasthan is known for its high desert temperatures. However, we had our windows rolled up, and the air conditioner was on, with music in the background. In our sheltered little car, we ignored the heat and just enjoyed ourselves, separated from the road.

I chose to sit in the back seat near the window. The music and the cool temperature with historical sightings was a triple bonanza.

Suddenly – out of nowhere – there was a loud noise. I snapped my face away from the window. A person had thrown a stone towards our car and it hit my window. The shattered glass was scattered all around me, covering me in a sparking, prickly shine. Our driver was screeched the brakes to a halt, to avoid a mishap on the road.

He was ready to take an exit to the nearest hospital while I lay still since did not want any of the glass to penetrate further into the skin. That moment, while he was driving, I could feel the warm air blowing through that open window, felt the changes in temperature and how my body was lying there vulnerable to the circumstance. The fragility of the moment was not lost to me.

No one has total control over his or her circumstances all the time. I’ll never know why someone threw a rock into our car, choosing my window, and maybe it doesn’t matter.

Listen, something I realized was that although we try hard to make our trips memorable and fun, no journey is perfect. All journeys end, but they are not confined to a happy note, just go with the flow and find the happiness and meaning of each moment.

Thank god, my wounds were not harsh, and I recovered in no time. We toured the city and returned home with many fun memories, which I look upon fondly.


By: Ruchira Khanna

An author of four published books, but just another soul who is trying to make a difference in this lifetime! She loves music, gardening and yoga!

She can be found on Facebook and at

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