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Empowerment: The Voice We Need

Recently, I became a part of an online community for women. A group where women share their travel stories and inspire each other. There’s no community rule that tells women to encourage each other. But, women do it with all their hearts and the returns are truly beautiful. The community made me realize the worth of having an encouraging voice in your life. A voice that simply says: “you can do it.”

We don’t stress enough on this. But, sisterhood is what we need in today’s world.

Remember, how ecstatic you felt when you shared a secret with your sister? Or that time when your mother supported your career choice? Or that time when your friend accepted your impromptu travel plan with much enthusiasm? Just by merely being with each other, we possess the ability to push each other up, and that is something we must take great pride in.

When a woman supports another woman, both of them benefit. When I say support, it doesn't have to be something big. Something as simple as listening to each other could also be an empowering act. When I meet someone who takes part in my madness, it is empowering. We meet so many people who count our dreams as ridiculous. Finding a person who sees my dream as exciting is empowerment for me. And, why wouldn't it be? All of us need each other in some way or the other. For me, sisterhood is a safe harbour. Sisterhood is a place loaded with love and support. Something that can be so vital to one's happiness.

When we, women, start reminding each other about our greatness, our worlds enlarge by great means. By encouraging each other to achieve our dreams, we become stronger and more powerful.

Things I want to tell you as a fellow sister:

1. No matter what people say, you are beautiful. Do not waste time listening to someone who doesn't understand what is beautiful.

2. If you cannot do much for someone, understand them. If you cannot understand them, listen to them. It heals a person in some way or the other.

3. Do not stop believing in yourself. Your dreams might sound impossible to someone else but if it seems possible to you, go for it.

4. Respect every encouraging voice in your life. These are the voices we usually take for granted but these are the voices that can change our lives.

5. Celebrate being a woman every day. None of us is or will ever be perfect and that is what makes us similar and yet so unique.


Shraddha Bansode is a writer from Mumbai, India who survives on tea and poetry. She is an observer on most days and a photographer on the rest. She is always up for a plan that includes breakfast. In addition to poetry, Shraddha loves travel and cats. Visit her at or

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