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Sisterhood in All Her Parts

In the month of March, we celebrate International Women’s Day. It is important to take the time to reflect on how International Women’s Day affects me. Why should I care about International Women’s Day? I know I care because of the sisterhood which surrounds me. The women who have stood with me over time, who I can call, who are there when I need them. In one way or another, these women are my sisters. These are the women I look to when I’m stuck or excited. When things are going really well or when things are really challenging.

Think about the women in your life. Who do you call when you have a problem? Who do you call when you have something to celebrate? Who do you call when you just need a friendly voice? These women you reach out to are our sisters. These are the women who hold us up when we’re down and celebrate with us when we’re happy. Each of these women have a part to play in the sisterhood we build around ourselves.

There are women who have been part of my life since they were born whom I consider to be my blood sisters. My sisters are people who I can turn to when I’m stuck in life, when I want to celebrate my daughter or when I want to hang out and know their fridge is mine. My blood sisters have a special place in my heart and my life and that will never change. We share a bond from growing up together and being together when things were good and bad. We hold each other through it all. I know how lucky I am to have three of these sisters.

Then there are the women who are there when life says I need them. Women who I have met at one time or another either through others or a move, school, or work. These women may only be an small part of my life for a short season, but they each have an impact. There are women in this category who I can call and spend a long weekend with in Chicago, or who I call to tell them about life overseas and they understand the issues I face. These women may came and go in time, but I value and respect that they were put in my life for a reason.

I also have a sisterhood that gathers around running. As with most people I have a love/hate relationship with running. With this sisterhood I have logged miles, we have shared book clubs, and together we have lived highs and lows. This sisterhood knows what it’s like to have good runs and bad. They know what it’s like to need to feel the pavement under my feet in order to sort out a problem. They are a special breed of sisters that I do not take for granted. We may only meet up for a run once a year but that time is time well spent.

Having a sisterhood is not the same as acknowledging a sisterhood. Much like raising children, a sisterhood also takes a village. As women we need the network of support from others. No woman is an island, as much as we may think we are or try to be. Instead, it is important to recognize that we each have a gift to share with one another.

So take the time and think of your sisterhood, who do you call in times of need? What about in times of celebration? Then take the time

to call them, reach out and just say thank you during this month of celebrating women.


Liz Tracy is a single parent, teacher, writer, and runner. She loves the beach, reading, and cooking. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and online at: and

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