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8 Qualities That Make A Real Man

We've made it to the mantastic month of November, where you’ll find an influx of fierce looking facial hair being grown for a good cause. The aim behind the Movember mustache bash is to literally change the face of men's health and raise awareness about prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health, and physical inactivity.

Men, we know you’re ‘tough’ but grow a pair of balls and then go get ‘em checked if something feels wrong. You, your manhood, and your entire family will love and support you no matter how many people ask you to 'cup and cough.'

Taking care of yourself is number one, and as you spend this month growing and grooming, remember that a mustache does not a man make.

Trust us when we say possessing these 8 qualities will make you more of a man than any silly sprout of hair.


It’s apparent in today’s #YesALLWomen society that females are still viewed and treated as sexual objects, who exist "solely for a man’s pleasure and approval." BAH. Women have had enough , and now we need men to step up in support. Having respect for women's beautifully shaped bodies is number one, especially since you came out of one.

True manhood means being able to respect a woman for more than just her bouncy breasts. Especially as we also have wise minds, warm hearts, and extraordinary souls – all of which deserve honorable recognition.


Kick the tough guy act to the curb, because kindness is IN, and it's not going anywhere. Turns out that thinking of someone else besides yourself is pretty freaking sexy. Showing sensitivity to those in need?! Wuss happening, hot stuff!? Opening your heart to kindness doesn't make you 'less of a man.’ It just exemplifies that you're a decent human being.


Not to be confused with arrogance, confidence is what shows when you actually like who you are. While arrogance is the need to feel superior and put people down, confidence is feeling comfortable in your own skin. Being proud of who you are will ensure we’re proud of you too.


In the spirit of bluntness, we know men play games - from the video kind to the emotionally destructive. To the few good men who know women can handle the truth - thank you. Being direct and keeping it real are the only ways to create meaningful relationships. If you’re unable to be honest with us, you’re probably not being honest with yourself. Check your insecurities at the door and open up to being a straight talker.


This might be hard to chew, but we know you don’t know everything. Showing your willingness to wonder, to question, and to learn is not only okay, but secures the fact that you’re interested in what life has to offer. Even more so, being curious about us as human beings, asking questions, and then actually listening to our answers, might be the biggest turn on yet. Conversation, mmmmhm.


Marilyn Monroe once stated, ‘make a girl laugh and you can make her do anything.’ What girl wouldn’t love to spend all her time with someone who can make her belly shake like a bowl full of jelly? Being your open and silly self is the key. The only kind of stiff we want is in the bedroom, so loosen up, lighten up and be someone who makes us do the same.


Being able to speak your mind and heart effectively is crucial, for yourself and ALL of your relationships. Vocalizing your emotions opens the door to understanding your behaviors. Though guys aren't thought of as 'naturals' at acknowledging thoughts and feelings, doing so shows your desire to learn and grow. Exploring every part of yourself is what makes us want to explore you too.


Your mom unconditionally loves you, but we don’t have to. Taking care of your hygiene proves you care about yourself, your overall health, and your success in life. Having pride in your personal and professional space is necessary, and shows your maturity and responsibility. Don’t make us feel like your mom – we’d rather be your partner in shine.

No one is perfect, we know that. All we ask is that instead of focusing solely on growing your manhandle, that you don't forget the core of what makes you a real man, and foster these qualities within yourself as well.

To join the Movember challenge or learn more about men's health, visit here.

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