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How Shutting Your Mouth Can Open Your Heart

"Don’t say a goddamn thing” I heard it say. "Nothing will happen if you keep silent for once in your life. This is a fresh opportunity for you to just be yourself. No one knows you here…”

Okay, I’m hearing voices, I thought and looked around in panic. It seemed as if I was the only one, since everybody else was busy stuffing their face with cake and coffee. No one even noticed me. They. Didn’t. Notice. Me. Instead of allowing myself to panic more, I felt this mellow relaxing feeling floating inside my veins, all over my body...

The first of 15 workshop sessions started and nobody knew who I was. And I was free at last…

I dove right in to the substance and didn’t waste any energy on irrelevant issues - like what to say and when, what joke to sneak in, or who’s got the biggest eggs in the room. I was simply being me.

One day I started to talk. Well, at least I thought I did. I was sharing a horrible situation that had happened, and even though the words left my brain in perfect condition, all that came out was a suffocated cry.

I spilled my guts out to people I don't know, and I didn’t mind it. I was vulnerable but I was happy.

The reactions I got were mind-blowing. Men and women came to hug me or just touch my hand. “You have strength that not many have, you are fearless," I heard vaguely. I felt embarrassed by it but somehow proud. I felt stronger than ever. I found the true leader in me. Not the “small talker” leader, not the “all over the room” leader, but the “dig-deep” one. The type I would like to be personally friends with.

The next day, my mail was packed with requests for registration for my new women’s business site from eighty percent of the group! I didn’t even try to promote it. While I was struggling to figure out how to elevate my initiative, I realized I can spread the word by simply listening to my intuition, and regrouping within - before I submit to my typical talking itch.

Try it yourself! Think you can be silent for a whole minute in a group of talking people?

To sum things up, I recommend to any and all women – regroup and connect to your inner self. Sometimes it’s more important than small talk. It will be sure to bring out the leader in you, because it sure did for me.




Loves: myself, flamenco, and creating from scratch

Galia Baron-Yifrach is founded, a website promoting “women in business” visual agenda. She would love it if you would join the growing community. Since we are women, and we have to bring true selves to work!


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