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10 Things to Focus on That Matter to Your Happiness

As we move forward through every moment - as women, as students, as teachers, as bosses, as employees, as friends, as humans, as a society - it’s easy to get caught up in the crowd and forget to stop and think our own thoughts every once in awhile.

It's so common in fact, that it's become ingrained in us to think, act, and believe certain things - without stopping to think if we actually agree with them. Below is a list of 10 things that will always truly matter to your health & happiness. Remember to stop for a moment and focus on what really matters – no matter who, where, or what you are.

10 Things That Will Always Matter

1. Kindness matters.

Humans are humans are humans. The more kindness you show to yourself and to others, the more you will get back in return. Proven by science.

2. Connection matters.

We’re all busy. Putting time and effort into our relationships, listening to others, and spending (actual) face time with those who uplift us is crucial to our happiness.

3. Acceptance matters.

For both yourself and others. Once you accept yourself, the whole world will accept you. When we accept each other’s differences instead of fearing or fighting them, the world will be a better place to live.

4. Love matters.

Once we teach our children to love (by simply showing them love), we also teach them acceptance and optimism. We need a generation who grows up positive, tolerant and looking at the bright side of things, so let’s start now while our kids are young and hopeful.

5. Family matters.

Blood related or not, family is unconditional love and support who we sometimes take for granted. Remember, your family members are real people who have made real sacrifices for you, and they should be appreciated as such!

6. Appreciation matters.

Once we choose to embrace what we have right now and let go of entitlement, desire, and comparison, we will feel thankful for what we do have and forget about the things we don’t. Many people live life with nothing, and we can each make do with less.

7. Giving back matters.

Here’s a heartwarming fact proven by science – The more you give, the happier you get. Whether it’s time, money, or wishes, your brain lights up in all the right places when you give.

8. Mindfulness matters.

Some call it awareness, and it’s super important for cultivating your happiness and improving your overall health. Read how the amazing M Word benefits your health & happiness here.

9. Health matters.

Nothing is as important as your health; if you don’t have that, the rest of you just won’t shine as bright. Take care of yourself – for you and for the ones who love you.

10. Being yourself matters.

Accepting yourself, being honest with yourself, taking time for yourself, setting goals for yourself, having a heart and mind of your own, and embracing your perfectly imperfect self is crucial to your health and happiness.

SO you beautiful heart-having humans – take a deep breath and THINK about this list. What is really important to YOU? (Not what you think other people/society think is important)

Think about how we as humans can help each other, instead of harm.

Focus on showing love and how we, woman to woman, can bond over kindness.

Maybe instead of breaking the internet over some silly celebrity booty, we can kill the internet with kindess?!?

Wake up world! Booty is OUT. Brains (and hearts) are IN.

What’s one thing on this list that really matters to you?

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