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9 Amazing Tips to Rock the Single Life Now

Three days in a row, three different people told me that I was good at being single. While I'm not sure what spurred this onslaught of complimentary behavior of my relationship status, it got me thinking - what the F does that mean?

What makes someone GOOD at being single? So here are the 9 ways I came up with to rock your singledom in all it's glory.

Tip 1: Stop giving a fuck.

The first rule of being single is to stop comparing yourself to everyone else, and be completely okay with where you are in your life right now.

You are not your best friend, your roommate, your little sister, and you sure as hell are not your Facebook feed. Heaven forbid.

Stop allowing yourself to feel pressured or guilty because you haven’t yet fulfilled your mom’s dreams, feel weird being the 3rd wheel (because if you're spending time with the right people, they shouldn't make you feel that way), or feel bad because you've reached a ‘certain age.’ All of these things only matter because you let them.

Everytime we allow ourselves to think like this, we’re taking a HUGE step back for our single state; It’s like we’re punishing ourselves for absolutely no reason because we haven't met the ONE person (out of the 7 billion that exist) who we want to live with all of our lives.

It's time to embrace your freedom for what it is, and give a big F U to the rest of the world for making us feel bad for not being just like everyone else.

Sorry society, and even you Mr. Disney...We don't need any heroes over here, we gots ourselves and that's just perfect for right now.

To all the single people, come up with your own version of single, and make THAT your happily ever after.

Tip 2: Stop wishing & hoping & praying &...complaining.

Everyone is single at some point…until they're not. And so it will be for you darling. The worst thing you can do is moan about it - because if you think negative (and worse if you speak it out loud over and over), nothing positive is likely to happen.

If you're still single, it's probably because you haven't found anyone worthy of your awesomeness. Most likely, it's because YOU haven't accepted your own awesomeness yet. (See #3-9 on how to figure this out) If you don't see yourself as awesome, how is anyone else supposed to? It's important to stop wishing, hoping, praying and start DOING things for yourself.

Got it? Stop bitching (even if it's just in your own brain) and start breathing - choose to see the bright side of being sans partner.

Enjoy the endless freedom you have to do whatever and whoever you want, whenever and however you want. Embrace every moment you get to focus on just yourself, treat yourself, and learn new things about yourself. Once you partner up, you won't have that option - so don't take a single second of it for granted.

Tip 3: Do whatever the F you want.

Fly free little bird! Do whatever makes you happy and DON'T feel bad about it. Stay in on a Friday night with a bottle of wine and some arts and crafts. Go to spin class and walk directly into the sea afterwards. Go out with that dude just because you spent too much on happy hour with the girls this week. Cook a 5-course meal for yourself and friend. Bake a cake with no plans of sharing. Do it and do it all – with joy, excitement, laughter, passion, and love.

The more you take this time to learn about yourself, your likes, dislikes, etc - the more you become YOU, and the more likely someone is to see whatever specialness you have to offer the world.

Tip 4: Enough with the over analyzing already

Women, we all do it, and admittedly, it's one of our biggest flaws as a gender. If you are or know one of those chickadees who gets up in swirls about a text or a non text or a 'just the text', STOP. Girls, please read the following and absorb these words into your brain - They. Are. Not. Worth. It. At least they're not worth more than your sanity.

Let's be honest with ourselves already, and think this through properly. If he doesn't initiate seeing you after one date or four, if he never asks you to stay for brunch, if he does absolutely nothing nice for you, and if he doesn't treat you with the respect any normal human should treat another human - he's just not that into you. And you should immediately move the eff ON.