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ME? Talk about love? Ok...

So today we're talking about love. Ok.

I am hardly the expert I think to myself, how is it that I am writing about love?

But yes, me. Talk about love.

Love is fierce. It's powerful. It's indiscriminate. It's thoughtless.

Love makes no sense.

Love just is. And it makes everything work better. Genuinely, it is who we are.

Today I read a post by a mom who I vaguely know. Her husband will be away for two weeks and she writes that she's going to be a single mom and does anyone have any tips. Yes I have a tip for you, I think to myself. Don't you fucking dare call yourself a single mom. As if. You will have a clue.

Those are not loving thoughts, I think. It's not loving that I am on edge and all it takes to set me off is for some little thing to go wrong. Like my friend leaving me on the wrong side of the road with a sleeping child in my arms. Like the lady from the cellular company not helping me after holding for an hour.

So, love. And for School of Shine. This is turning out to be kind of negative.

But yes. This. About love. For School of Shine.

There will be times that everything will fall apart. It will be hard and maybe even torture. You will feel disconnected from everyone and everything. You will feel angry, belligerent, nasty. And through it all, even then, the thing you really are is love. When you are screaming at anonymous operators. When you are crying at the bus stop. And when - worse - when you are unkind to your child. You are still love. You won't remember. You will be angry at those self-help gurus who tell you to meditate. Breathe. Love yourself. Really? you will think? When exactly? I'd like to find time to shower first.

But you really are love, even when you can't find it in yourself. That means at every point at every single point anything is possible. So you don't know your next step. Or how you'll pay the rent. You are love. It's who you are. And love is fierce. It's powerful. It's indiscriminate. It's thoughtless. It makes no sense - it just is - and it makes everything work better. All this stuff, this drama, these things that are happening? It's just your soul shining you into a diamond. So a little dust is getting in your eyes. And it hurts all over because it's not easy to have your layers chipped off. But relax. It's ok. You are love. And that means that everything really everything is moving you to a better place. Trust and let go. You are love.



Israel/USA; Loves when good wins in the end, island beaches, getting free upgrades to first class, licking the cake bowl and when magic is apparent.

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