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Ain't Nobody Got Time for Perfect

Oh, perfection. It's like the unicorn of real life. It simply doesn't exist.

This skewed vision of perfection has been created by the big bad world who wants to sell us things we just don't need to survive. Think simply and you'll realize being perfect is only how we percieve ourselves. We want more; we worry; we fear. But the second we are comfortable in our own skin and feel okay being imperfect, is the same second life becomes what it should be - free, real and oh so enjoyable :)

Why are we chasing ‘perfect?’

Perfection is defined as being entirely without fault or defect; a state of flawlessness. If we take one moment to think about this logically – can you think of ONE PERSON that has no flaws? DING, time is up – that’s because no matter who you are, every single one of us has them. Beyonce, J. Law, and Oprah included. To be perfectly clear, this proves we are not intended to be perfect.

As to why we chase perfection, thanks to our pretty & pink childhood, the big bad media, and our patriarchal society, women have been impossibly tasked with achieving all kinds of perfection. But why are we falling for it? We want the perfect booty, perfect man, and perfect life. We put so much pressure on making ourselves ‘perfect,’ though each of us perceives perfection as something completely different. Most of our grand visions come from movies and magazines, and don’t exist anywhere besides our imagination.

Perfection is Pointless

We can perfect techniques or strive for the perfect recipe. We can use the perfect wording, photograph a perfect moment, or finish a semester with a perfect grade. But at the end of the day, this endless journey towards perfection results in stress, anxiety, and depression. It boils down to insecurity- given to us by our less than perfect society wanting to place us in a perfect little box of impossible perfection. Bleh.

We should be thinking about the fact that every single human being on Earth is imperfect in some way. And that it's okay. The sooner we accept this fact – and the more we remember it – the sooner we will let go of our useless desire for perfection and embrace ourselves exactly as we are.

Should we allow ourselves to be striving for some unattainable feat placed on us by an effed up society?

Let’s take a minute to note that IMPERFECTION is the one thing that bonds us as humans. And as a human, I think it’s time to change the way we think about imperfect.

Imperfection is the new black

Imperfection is everywhere, and we should accept and embrace it for what it is. To start, there are loads of life things that are filled with flaws, like religion, education, and government. Parents, kids, teachers, presidents, and priests are imperfect. Best friends, boyfriends, bosses, internet connection – ALL imperfect. And the list goes on.

When it comes to each of us, we have our own personal flaws. We should accept them, embrace them, and be grateful for who we are. Sometimes it’s a lack of booty, too much booty, or chin booty. Sometimes it’s being too awkward, too nice, or slurping soup too loudly. No matter what it is, it’s okay. So long as you accept it, embrace it, and if need be, at least try not to slurp too loudly in public.

In conclusion, perfection does not exist, imperfection is what bonds us all, and once we realize our flaws are what make us real, we will live happier and healthier lives all around.

What’s your favorite "flaw or imperfection"?

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