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A Thankful Moment

Of late, it has been hard to pinpoint just one thankful moment. I have been going through a lot in terms of really finding that space of me; what makes me truly happy to my core.

I have done lot a work throughout my life to know what I really don’t want; travelled enough to know that I require more it. I have loved and lost enough to know how our emotions can really affect everything we do and choose.

The thing that has stuck with me in the past few weeks is the bravery of people I have been speaking to and listening to on a podcast.

I was struck in particular by a young woman who is an actress and she was talking about being your authentic self and how she was struggling with anxiety and the lack of self-belief. She went on to say that she discovered the gift of being present with yourself and being willing and brave enough to choose the path you desire. And this is when the universe really shows up and has your back.

I was gobsmacked by those words. It is something I know and something I often teach in many of my classes and sessions. But I guess hearing it from her; from someone who is on the opposite ends of the earth; who is so open about her struggles, open about who she is and her journey, is a moment I am truly and utterly grateful for.

It touched me and inspired me to look at where I’m not being brave enough and not choosing the path I really do want to take. To make the tough choices and actually follow my energetic priorities. These are the energies that I desire in my life. No matter how scary the choices seem or what they may bring.

Being brave; being you, unapologetically you. Be you and do what makes you happy. It sounds like the thing people say all the time. I say it too. But oftentimes, we don’t, we follow the world and what is expected of us, getting through each day in way that makes us feel ok, maybe even a little happy. We have all at some point thought... “oh my god how did I get here” or even “I would like something different”

I think that we need to have more than that; have more than just ok; or a kind of happy.

Now is the time.

Be brave, ladies.

Make those choices.

Step into the light.

And BE you!

No matter how scary.


By: Megan Rogers.

I have been on a quest my whole life to “find” where and how I fit into this world! I have realised the fitting in is not my thing! I teach and assist people to work with the spirit world. I write comics and comic strips to bring awareness to this world in a different way.

I have chosen to step up and demand the change that is required for myself to be happy. I believe in turn that this will “rub off” on others and the world will become a kinder, happier space. Find out more on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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