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You Are Your Own Happiness Manager

Everybody is different, with distinct qualities and traits, in fact our likes are different and so are our passions. All our lives we focus on a few specific things that we love. Hobbies and passions fill our heart and soul with pleasure.

There are people who go for adrenaline rushing adventure sports. Others may love baking and cooking, writing, or fashion design, maybe even gardening, art, travelling. The list goes on. When we do something we love, we enjoy the moment. Making our heart and soul flutter with joy and spread the glitter of happiness everywhere. The rosy and blossomy aura fills us, completes us.

My greatest passion since my school days was debating. During graduation and post-graduation days this passion had grown with me. I actively participated in debates, speech competitions, and national level seminars. This exercise required a lot of work at home, researching the topic, preparing PowerPoint presentations, and, of course, practice. It was consuming, yet I loved every bit of it. On “D-day,” the applause and appreciations filled me with pride – my work had paid off.

This love for debating was elevated when I began life as a teacher post grad. Every lecture is fun and interesting. Here’s the secret, more than anything, it’s fulfilling. I’m satisfied, and with every new batch of students, I add on to my memories.

It’s a blessing that I could make my passion into my profession. As we grow up, we are often bogged down with our own responsibilities, tensions, and pressures. Life sometimes seems so stressful and complicated. We rarely take some “me time” for ourselves. Indulging in our passions or hobbies acts as a real stress buster, calms our nerves, rejuvenates our mind. We need to become our own happiness managers and take stride in keeping ourselves relaxed and entertained. If you are already into it, it’s welcome. Or else it time to start.


By: Archana Mulgund Chappar

Archana is a commerce postgraduate. She loves teaching. She teaches at the grad and postgrad level. Writing, travelling, gardening, learning about new cultures and people are other things that interest her.

Check out Archana’s blog!

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