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Acknowledge the Orange Zest in Your Life

In the day to day struggle of keeping our heads above water and maintaining balance in our lives, we often overlook the things that bring us true pleasure. We fall into the trap of schedules, deadlines and inner conflicts and forget to pay attention to the simple things that provide joy and fill our souls.

If asked, I believe that everyone could answer what brings them pleasure in life. We can all quickly come up with a list of pleasurable things. The trick is to actually tune in when these items are present in your life. For something to bring deep pleasure, you must acknowledge its presence and take it in.

I love the smell of a freshly peeled orange. I can be on a crowded bus and know right away if someone near me begins to peel an orange. The orange oil shoots from the glands of the peel and fills the air with an aroma that I breathe in deeply. The sound of a child’s uncontrollable laughter is pure joy. Watching birds glide through the air makes me ache to fly as freely as they do and I appreciate the graceful manner in which they float by. Simple pleasures.

Once you pay attention to the things that provide pleasure in your life, it is simple to recognize when they cross your path. Even in the middle of a chaotic day there is time to honor their presence and appreciate the moment.

To obtain pleasure, you must first believe that you deserve it. Embrace who you are, perfections and flaws, and open your mind to receiving the pleasures you have earned!


By: Tania Suares

Tania relocated to Israel from California in 2015 with her husband, two kids and their big family dog. New locations bring new adventures. She has an exciting job working for an up-and-coming startup that is focused on providing assistive communication for those who are unable to speak. She loves traveling and is always dreaming of her next stop on the globe.

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