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Redirecting Your Wind

I’m sitting in a Jewish restaurant in the middle of Panama City, Panama right now with kippahs all around and everyone covered from head to toe even in the 90 ºF weather.

I’m not Jewish, but as a vegan I truly appreciate their kosher cuisine: their mushroom empanadas and their amazingly good sautéed onion hummus. Ah! For me, every meal is a choice, an intention, to create good in this world.

But during this meal, I got choked up on emotion. No I didn’t just watch the latest animal rights documentary.

I came to the realization that Panama City is no longer my home. It is an outdated remnant of my past that I am floating through for the next couple of days.

I moved away three months ago and came back for closure and validation that I made the right choice.

I did.

And as the New Year creeps closer and closer, I’m starting to realize the power of directing your actions, words, and thoughts to the things, places, and people that you truly want to attract.

Three years ago, at the age of 22, I got the highest position in what I thought was my dream NGO. It essentially fell straight into my lap. Too easy? Maybe. Was it really my dream job? No.

Over the next few years I lived abroad in Panama working to build the community, create positive impact, and in the meantime, figure out why I wasn’t feeling fulfilled.

I realize now that I was letting the wind blow me in directions that I did not actively redirect with intention. I let things happen, professionally and personally, thinking that it must be what I wanted or needed, it just came so naturally.

In retrospect, I know that all good things cannot become amazing without quite a bit of effort and only a smidge of serendipity. That’s why, since moving away, I have become a full-time entrepreneur, creating my own schedule, projects, and life.

My intention? I want to live every single day with a healthy and fulfilling balance of practicality, passion, and purpose.

For every person, this balance is struck differently. But we must always ask ourselves this question: How are we actively guiding our wind to achieve our greatest potential, happiness, and fulfillment in life?


By: Kimberly Lucht

Kimberly Lucht is a nomadic social entrepreneur whose passions are speaking, coaching, and running live workshops. She is the CEO & Founder of Rehumanize Me and dances professionally in her spare time.

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