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Intentionally Fulfilling Dreams in 2018

First off, wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year, I truly hope everyone fulfills their deepest wishes in coming 2018.

The new year always brings new aspirations. Though, most of us fulfill just 30-40 percent of our wishes every year. Did you ever wonder why? Why am I not able to keep up with my resolution every year? Were my intentions to achieve my goals strong enough?

We set targets for the coming year; many of them high-reaching goals. You can reach your goals only if you intend and have the strong determination to do so. Surprised? That’s the truth. You might say that why would I aim for anything unless I did not intend for the same? Intentions are not ambitions, they are the part of journey towards your ambition.

Intentions are the mini goals that we make every day. I believe they are fulfilled through God’s grace. We don’t forget to eat because we intend not to forget it; do we intend to feed the poor someday? We go to our jobs every day; do we any time intend to pray to God for the whole day? We sleep on our cozy beds every day; do we ever think of the those without shelter?

Of course, each one of us has our choices and the intentions behind them; good and kind intentions are always supported with nature’s power. Focusing on good intentions will spread positivity all around us and make world a better place to live in.

Kids always help us be more generous than self-centered. This Christmas when we were returning from party; my little one was holding his gift tightly and walking hand in hand with me through the street. He stopped suddenly; I bent down to see what was wrong. He was staring at a child in shattered clothes standing across the street.

“What is it?” I asked?

He gently replied, “Maa, he hasn’t got the gift yet.”

I kept quiet and he said, “let me go and give him my gift.”

I was so happy to hear his kindness and agreed with him. And I told him yes you will get another one. He happily gave the gift to the little one who gave him a warm smile in return. On the same night, his father got two gifts for him and he was thrilled.

God helps those who help themselves. You are reading this article because you intended to read it. In the coming year, don’t forget to add intense intention to each of your to do list items. This will help you achieve your targets.

We humans are gifted with great powers. If we keep away from procrastinations and train our minds, then we can specialize in numerous jobs and be multi-talented. By giving a good training to our mind, we can make any impossible task possible. Hence keep intending to do good and succeeding every day and gradually through the year. Intend for the best and persist, you’ll achieve your loftiest goals.

Good Luck!


By: Ashna Chand

Ashna is an aspiring writer, who wishes to make a difference through her writing. She believes that words have power to connect hearts, to heal someone, to strengthen the weak and to take you to the world of your choice. She is an open book to her readers. Read her work and know her better.

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