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I Was Curious to Know

Can you feel the excitement of the game, sitting on the edge of your seat watching your favorite team on TV? Or the storylines crisscrossing in your head while trying to figure out the end of a movie? Or even the satisfaction of solving an extremely tricky question on a test?

Adrenaline pumping, nail biting moments, you can feel the anxiety, anticipation, and expectation in all of these scenarios.

What is that something?


I still remember when I was the most curious I had ever been. It was catching a glimpse of my new born daughter. Due to having high blood pressure during the pregnancy, I had to deliver much earlier than my due date. I was blessed with a baby girl.

However, she was a preemie and had low birth weight and was immediately transferred to the NICU. The doctors kept me in the hospital for observation and poked and prodded me with syringes, medicines, and procedures. The entire time, I had only one thing in my mind: my daughter.

I was curious to know. How is she? How does she look? I wanted each and every detail. I wanted to touch her and hold her in my arms. I enquired about her anyone who had been able to see her. My husband, luckily, was good about giving me updates about her.

That wait brought on a sea of mixed emotions in me. I was happy my daughter was safe, but there was so much anxiety. I had created my own image of my tiny bundle of joy. Finally, after a long wait of two days, I was going to visit my baby.

I was restless.

With every step towards the NICU, my heart was pounding fast. I was in a completely different state of mind. Amidst so many babies, there she was, a fragile angel. All my imaginations, fears, anxiousness were at rest. I was living my moment. I was very happy to see my little baby and was making myself strong to take care of her. I wanted to give her everything: my care, love, warmth, and affection.

Whenever we are curious, we are engulfed with excitement and fear. Hundreds of positive and negative thoughts storm into our minds. Most of the time, we create preconceived notions before anything even happens. We end up over thinking. Being curious is natural, yet we need to keep calm and be prepared for good as well as bad.

Life’s short and we should live in the present and enjoy every bit of it.


By: Archana Mulgund Chappar

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