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Curiosity: A Path to Self Love

We start life asking questions we don’t get answers to. Questions are a part of our entire lives. The typical flow is asking a parent or friend then finally consulting the all-knowing Google.

Aren’t we all curious about something in our lives? It could be about people, monuments, or technology. It’s a little difficult for me to explain that I love to know about people’s lifestyles. No, I’m not another gossip girl. It’s not only about people's lifestyles, but also the struggles they may face, their achievements, the fears they overcome, and the silent battles they fight.

Seeing others’ stories motivates me to get my shit together, focus, and get back to work. I’m saying it’s difficult for me to get to know about other people, well, because I’m an introvert. Kind of weird, right? On one hand, I want to know about people and on the other I’m trying to “escape” from them. Life can be difficult in this way.

So, I had this crazy plan, what if I don’t have to exactly meet the person I want to know about? But nobody readily opens up to a stranger about their personal life, so how was I going to do this? You need to have a lot of patience to wait for a point where they trust you completely, and, let’s be honest, when that going to happen? It may take days, months, or maybe forever.

I just really wanted to get to know one person. And then I met HIM, he was different from others (at least that’s what he made me think). Our formal good morning/good night texts turned into conversations I thought I’d never have. This time I didn’t just feel like listening to him, but also sharing my emotions too. I finally found someone special from this world of strangers, things were moving pretty well.

Until one day...

A small argument mutated into something horrible. I don’t even know what it was. Maybe it wasn’t even that important. Before I could have asked him, he started using my emotions and secrets I shared with him as a weapon to destroy me. I was stunned to say anything. I was broken and crying, blaming and cursing myself for everything. I made a promise to myself, to retreat back into my introverted cave, where I was safe.

I lost hope for few months, crying myself to sleep every night thinking about it. But this was not the end, and it never will be. I won’t let it, I refuse to give up. Yes, I still have courage to be the same curious person I used to be. I still look to go back and talk to strangers (maybe with a bit more caution) because that’s what makes me happy. The one thing I want to take from this lesson is: “Out of everything in this world, I choose my happiness against dread.”


By: Pooja Yadav

Pooja Yadav is from Bangalore, India and wants to share her story with you! She believes there is a universe out there where people can live with unlimited opportunities. So, pack your bags and get ready for an adventurous trip to self discovery. "Capture every moment, rewind it and write to make it last forever!"

She loves: travelling, learning about strangers, writing about them on her blog, and capturing the moments on Instagram.

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