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Your Dreams Matter

“Get ready, you’ll be late again!”

“But I don’t want to go, besides nobody goes.”

“So what? I don’t take responsibility of your classmates.”

Photo by: Pooja Yadav

This was everyday story while getting ready for college. I never wanted to join engineering but with constant fights with parents and because of societal pressures, I had to join.

With every passing semester, I just wished for my life to get better and after a point I just accepted the fact that “This is what I meant to do”, so I thought to give my best shot to my last year of engineering. I guess I was lucky to make this decision at the right time as I got selected as an intern.

Well, I found it interesting as I started coding and I was happy that at least I would be working on my course related domain. I also started taking projects for the same but still I felt something is missing, something was not right. I just ignored my intuition thinking that I’m just nervous to start something new.

After graduating, I realized society is never satisfied with your work, no matter what you do. They still feel bank jobs are safe for women or a post graduation because the degree defines your potential match with a handsome guy. I started losing interest in everything, those interesting codes looked like nightmares and those hardworking nights just turned into sleepless thoughts. I couldn’t commit myself to any work.

With each passing day I was more frustrated and depressed. Finally, I decided to start afresh, a new beginning to decide what I really want in my life? What am I really good at?

A few days later I was still on the same spot, not moved an inch about my career. I think I was not in the right age to decide, those creative ideas and the happiness we wanted as a child comes with an expiry date. However, sometimes all you need during this time is constant efforts and a little support from your family and friends to find your dream.

I think by now you would have guessed my dream - writing! Well, it all started as a passion but the day is not far when I’ll do this as profession. Yes, sometimes my parents and I still argue at home about settling down before starting my career as a writer, but on the other hand I have super creative friends with super exciting ideas to support my dreams.

Remember, with determination and hard work, you can learn any profession, but the real happiness is found in fulfilling your own dreams.


By: Pooja Yadav

Hey, I'm Pooja and I’m here to take you to my world, a world full of questions, doubts and unlocking the life to a whole new level. A collection of short stories through my point of view. A life full of dilemma and second thoughts. A decision of taking a chance or regretting it, the choice has been always yours. "Capture every moment, rewind it and write to make it last forever!"

3 Things I love: Travelling, Knowing about Strangers and Writing about it.

I'm online at The Blur Vision Blog and Instagram,

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