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Lead The Change

They say some people are simply born to be leaders. To me, that doesn’t make sense. I believe that leadership cannot be a gift you are born with. It is instead something that is built. A number of factors synthesise to make a leader, the most crucial being encouragement.

Encouragement is essential for a girl to become confident in her own shoes. It is unfortunate that so many girls out there are deprived of it. Therefore I want to take a moment to emphasise this: encouragement is what we need. In many ways, society implies that a girl is an inferior part of our world and this thought process needs to change. But how can we tackle this? One way is by reminding each other of our powers.

The strength of today’s women leaders is irrefutable. It is strong. It is unbreakable. Something I have always been in awe of is how female bosses are fierce, bold, and independent. Moreover, they are changing the world with every step they take and it shows everyone around them the wondrous things a confident women can acheive.

Let’s take Michelle Obama as an example. Her value system is impregnable. When she speaks, it is undeniable that she is confident about her values. It is plain to see that one of the biggest factors contributing to the confidence she constantly embodies is that she has been encouraged to be that way.

The thing about a woman leader is that she continues to create more leaders around her. She will encourage you to become a leader. She will inspire you to be the change. She will naturally lead the people around her. She will do what it takes to show you the right direction.

When we read the word ‘leaders’ we must not fail to acknowledge the ones who never made it to the spotlight. We must think about the women in factories, homemakers, teachers, social activists, entrepreneurs and a lot of other women we see in our daily lives. They’re leaders too. They’re fighting their battles and they’re bringing change as well.

So many girls around us have the potential of becoming a leader. All they need is encouragement through education, support or probably just someone who shows faith. There is a saying in my country that goes: a girl got educated and the society progressed. I have always found this statement super impactful. Imagine the world we can create if every girl realises the power of her voice!

I urge you to become a leader of your own life and to encourage every woman around you to become a leader in their own lives too. Together we can some day create a world full of unassailable women.

*To dos*

  1. Support every girl around you and you will contribute to something huge.

  2. Take ownership of your life and inspire others to do so too.

  3. Appreciate the women leaders in your life and remind them of their greatness.

  4. Change begins with you. Your voice is stronger and more powerful than you think.

  5. Believe in yourself and don’t question your abilities.


Shraddha Bansode is a writer from Mumbai, India who survives on tea and poetry. She is an observer on most days and a photographer on the rest. She is always up for a plan that includes breakfast. In addition to poetry, Shraddha loves travel and cats. Visit her at or

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